Why Condo/Apartment Buildings Don’t Report Being Haunted

We’ve all heard of haunted houses.  They are a staple of both literature and real life.  But what about a haunted condo or apartment building?  We don’t hear much about those.  If anything, there should be more hauntings in a high-rise then in a single house, with the number of people who live in such buildings and all the drama and death that goes with the many residents.

Apartment buildings and condos seem to be spook proof, but I’d guess only because nobody would pay attention to them.  Living in a building tends to be noisy.  I live in an older high-rise, and there are always sounds in the background.  Someone could be talking in the hallway just outside earshot, but enough to notice.  On occasion I can hear the “tap tap” of someone walking above my unit in high heels.  Oh!  What is that?  I note an argument in the unit to my left with shouting noticeable.  If all this dim noise happened in a single residence, we’d swear it was haunted.  In a multi-unit dwelling, it’s part of the ambient background sound….

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