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Hi guys,

Gav and I have decided that it's no longer economic to keep SupernaturalUFO running so there won't be any new articles from today except on Twitter. We've both been funding the site out of our own pockets since we began 5 years ago to give our readers the best reading experience and we're against advertising so bottom line is, we're closing down.

We'd like to personally thank our readers, contributors and anyone else who has been involved with the site, your input has been invaluable in us publishing nearly twenty thousand news articles.

If anybody has any questions, queries or simply wants to keep in touch, I can be contacted at and Gav at

If you're interested in potentially taking over the site and its content then please contact

Thanks guys, you've been awesome!!

Chris & Gav

Welcome to our completely re-written, newly designed site!

To all our loyal readers and contributors

We are incredibly proud of the achievements we have made as a site over the past few years, and today’s new site release marks an important milestone in our development! Those of you who frequent us often will notice that the site looks radically different. It has infact had a complete overhaul and has been rewritten from scratch. We’ve worked hard and round the clock to ensure that all content from the previous site has been migrated to the newer on so our back catalog of news, videos, articles and more should all be present and accounted for.

When we looked at how people used the old site, we found that a lot of people were coming on to the site looking for news of a particular type, like UFO for example. This has driven us to change the way the front page displays news. Instead of just simply showing the newest first, it now shows it news first, per category with the newest post being most prominent. Each of those categories has an easy to click title which will display all news for that particular category. For those of you simply wanting the latest news, you can either use the “recent news” on the right hand side menu or just scroll down the page to see the latest news first (not organised by any category).

We have also radically overhauled search. As far as we can tell, we have the single largest back catalog of supernatural news available on the internet, and we recognise that people want to be able to search through this. The search at the top of the page will search our entire back catalog of news, articles, videos for any association between our content and your search – fantastic for people researching a particular topic.

Also added at the top is a new slider that displays content that we consider to be important news events. If you are looking for a breakdown of important paranormal news only this is the place to start!

Those viewing us on a mobile/tablet device will now hopefully have a much better, cleaner and quicker experience when viewing the site.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the co-operation of many of our contributors, news sites etc who in the main, allow us to publish their work. To them, a big Thank You!  We hope you enjoy our new site as much as we do.

There are many more features that have been added to make your site experience as best as we think it could be made. If you have any feedback, questions, comments, praise, criticism or suggestions please feel free to contact us using the button on the main menu!


The SupernaturalUFO Team


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  1. Dave Stretch says:

    Great work you guys the site is looking really good

    Welldone !!! keep up the good work

    Dave Stretch

  2. Admin says:

    Thanks Dave!

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