USS Hornet hosting paranormal conference benefit

The USS Hornet Museum will host a paranormal conference this weekend — including an overnight investigation of paranormal activity — in hopes of raising up to $10,000 to help students learn about science, technology, engineering and math aboard the aircraft carrier.

“That’s our goal with the youth of today,” said Heidi Schave, the Hornet’s education manager. “Without public transportation, it makes it hard for schools.”

At the museum, students can connect the math and science they are learning in the classroom to activities and work outside the classroom. Elementary schoolchildren learn about weather and aviation. Older students delve deeper into the sciences.

Some may question whether the USS Hornet Museum is haunted, but Sommer Carter, of Alameda Paranormal Researchers has investigated the Hornet. She and her team say they’ve seen apparitions and recorded electronic voice phenomena, or EVPs. Even some of the staff on the Hornet said they have seen apparitions or heard things that cannot be explained.

The conference speakers include Schave, Carter, Bill Murphy from the SyFy Channel’s “Fact or Faked” show, Paul Bradford from Ghost Hunters International, parapsychologist Pamela Heath and “Dead Explorer” YouTube sensation Alejandro Dominguez….

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