UFO's that mimic planes

Ufos seem to have 'up the ante' so to say over the past decade with the way the keep themselves disguised . Its likely they know that humans are paying closer attention to their presence than ever before – so many of these craft have learnt ways to cunningly mimic commercial aircraft and therefore remain unnoticed by the public.

Like this one Video taped near Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada Nov 03/2009

The first time when i heard this on the Internet i did not believe this concept but over the last few years its obvious that Ufos can morph shape and replicate both sounds and navigational lights of commercial aircraft. Often however they can get the light formations incorrect and you can obviously decipher these craft from normal planes as they don't have standard FAA navigational light formations.

Dr. Bruce Cornet investigated these Fake Planes years ago. as here, and summed up the following properties associated with airborne night-time objects in Pine Bush, NY area:

· Imagery roughly mimicking aircraft behavior, lighting, and changing patterns and intensity of lighting.

· Certain data characteristics remaining constant or nearly so such as times of performances (dusk to Midnight) and places of performances.

· Stealth in appearance (i.e. low observable).

· Flaring of headlights during initial approach to the camera.

· Strobes that can resemble the colors and positions of navigation lights on conventional aircraft, but morph and change position, color, and number.

· Aspects of flight patterns that resembled the aerodynamic performances of conventional aircraft.

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