UFO’S Spotted in Malta


By Adam Claffey/Via Air Malta

The other day I was helping a friend clean out an old garage when together we came across some really old newspapers dating back to the 1800s. Skimming through them we found a headline that read “UFO seen over the Maltese Islands”.  I grabbed the newspaper and immediately read the article in full. It stated that three luminous bodies were seen emerging from the sea up into the air into some form of craft. The bodies remained visible for over ten minutes and were witnessed by a number of people. With goose bumps all over my body I couldn’t resist finding out more about UFO’s being spotted over Malta.

UFO’s have been seen consistently in various locations around Malta.  There are many pictures and videos available to see, especially within in the last few years where technology has allowed for most people to have a camera integrated with at least one gadget they own.

In 2011 a UFO was spotted over the Victoria Lines on the 29th of April at 14:19hrs. The UFO had a typical flying saucer / hat-shape structure and was covered in a silver grey coating…… VIDEOS

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