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UFO that came from outer space

The Lowdown: Aug. 3, 1965. Rex Heflin, at that time an Orange County highway inspector was at work one day in his county rig when at 12:37 p.m. he says he sees a kind of “hat shaped” thing flying in the freaking air in Santa Anna, California. Ain’t no plane, he says to himself.

The thing was hovering right above the road right in front of him, he says so he grabs his trusty Polaroid camera (you kids who don’t known anything about film cameras will have to look that one up) that he used during his normal work routine to take photos of highway obstructions, road kills, hot babes hitchhiking, whatever, and snaps three photographs of the “metallic-appearing object” and a fourth photo of a black “smoke ring” he says was left behind by the UFO after it sped away at high speed.

One of the snapshots was published by the Santa Ana Register newspaper on September 20 of that year and then the whole story went major viral (for that era) when the newswire services picked up the story and fed it national…..

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