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Editor’s note: The following article was submitted to me by one of our readers. I have presented it without editing or any alteration. This is part 1, I hope to publish several more parts over the coming months so be sure to look out for them. Enjoy and please keep an open mind whilst reading. Exclusive

I am going to call myself “B”.

I am writing this because I feel that people should know the truth that a lot of people in power do not want you to know. I do have my opinions and comments on the usual things such as Dulce, other D.U.M.B.S, extraterrestrials and other various topics. However I am writing this based on my own experiences and on the positive side it helps me to get it out as I have learned a great deal of things from this experience.

First of all I would not wish what I went though on even my worst enemy. It was both terrifying and eye opening at the same time. Now I know their will be some of you out there that will be like “yea this guy is full of shit” or “no that didn’t happen”. Well I really don’t care what you think; I know what I experienced, saw and was told. Take of it what you will. If nothing else for you skeptics out there, this is an interesting story to talk about at the water cooler.

I had detailed notes, photos, journal entries and sound files however as my tale goes it was taken from me when everything was said and done despite the fact I made copies and hid them; anyways onward to the beginning of the experience. I have always had things happen to me that I couldn’t explain. I know everyone has those experiences at least once in their life that they just stop and say “Did that really happen?” well let me tell you, I have had those experiences ranging from sensing malevolent and benevolent energies, at times predicting the immediate future with a relatively high degree of accuracy, stings of luck that really didn’t seem to be coincidental etc. Let me tell you though; this experience helps explain why those kinds of things happened to me while growing up.

It all started with this massive feeling of dread and impending doom that I have had many times before when something bad was about to befall a loved one or friend. I was on edge this clear sunny day in the beginning of October in 2007. I remember I made a couple of costly mistakes on the aircraft I was building and I decided to call it an early day. Later that day I was on my computer shifting through old pictures of my wife and I and one of them was different that didn’t belong. I naturally was intrigued, opened it. That was my first mistake. When it loaded I had this being staring right at me. I stared back. My gut feelings just shot through the roof while I was looking at this thing that looked a lot like a grey alien(to my ignorance I am sorry at this time). I got up not thinking about closing it. I am not sure if it was a direct connection or my mind playing tricks, it seemed to follow me and tilt its head, as if it was looking and observing me. I am kind of freaked out at this point, closed it down and the file deleted itself.

My wife came home late from hanging out with some friends from school. I was still up and we talked and she went to sleep around 11 pm that night. It was at 1:41 am, that number will be forever burned in my memory. That was the first night it all began. I awoke with this pulsing fear that seemed to come in waves, originating from the base of spine around the tail bone and making its way around my body. It was almost paralyzing in effect. It felt weak at first, then as whatever it was (I didn’t have a clue at that time) seemed to move closer it got stronger. I was still able to move everything and still hold this fear at bay (don’t ask me how I to this day still don’t know how). I was terrified, the first time in my life that I was genuinely afraid for my life. As the source of this fear seemed to hang out side my window for some time which was about 21 feet from where I slept. Out of nowhere the fear got so intense like it was inside my bedroom. I had creaky flooring and it sounded like something was creeping up on the bed.

Now I have to set some more details straight, I know my wife was facing away from me, I could feel her back against my back. I was facing the wall; the covers came up just under my armpits. I was warm that night from the uneasiness. The fear got stronger and stronger, as did the floor boards agree that something was making its way towards the bed. As the fear pulses seemed like they were right beside the bed I felt this breath down the back of my neck. It wasn’t a warm breath but more of cold breath that didn’t seem human.

Now what I am about to described took place over what seemed like two seconds maybe three. I can’t be sure. After feeling the breath on my neck I thought to myself “No way am I dying today.” Adrenaline rushed through me like I have never had it before. I actually got to my feet in one bound I found myself standing on the bed. Meanwhile I somehow struck out at whatever it was with blazing speeds that I couldn’t have gotten without the adrenaline. When I shot out of bed all I heard was this loud squeal followed by three very heavy foot steps that had very long strides in between them. It then sounded like the creature passed though my wall and continued to book it away from me for some distance. I swear I saw an energy outline (sorry for the poor description) where the creature had been, felt where the creature had been. I saw something resembling a body that was roughly 5-6 feet tall and a long neck with a big head. My wife right away woke up, asked what was wrong as I stood there shaking. Not too sure if it was from the adrenaline or the whole experience of that night. I told her that it was a really bad nightmare and just for her to go back to sleep. The clock read 2:53 am. I tried to relax but I couldn’t. Could you after having something like that happen? Well I just laid there, that constant state of fear just hanging there, beyond what I can see or sense. At 4:13am a light so bright that it went right though our blinds woke both me and my wife up. Seemed to have shot up into the sky what I can assume. The alarm went off for 6:30 am like it normally did. I didn’t sleep one wink that night. I went to go and get my cell phone, it was dead. “I just charged it last night before bed” I said to myself. Grabbed my car charger, thinking it may have something to do with what happened. Went out to the kitchen, looked at the clock and the clock in the kitchen showed that it was 7:30 am. I thought to myself. Ok, there is something wrong with this picture. Went and reset the clock in our room and rushed outside.

There was no snow at this time, it was too early and still fairly warm. I went to see if I could see any tracks. To my surprise there was two sets of tracks that lead to and from the field out by the side of my house. I was late for work so I didn’t have time to track them down that day. But believe me when I get that far it was worth tracking them. I just took a picture of the paths and went to work. Think it was over?

Hell no that was just the start of the experience…..

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