The Windbridge Research on Mediums


By Robert McLuhan

Still on the subject of mediums, I heard recently from Dr. Julie Beischel at the Windbridge Institute. She has a new e-book out describing her ten years of research: Among Mediums: A Scientist’s Quest for Answers. She has published journal articles (eg here), but this is more for a lay audience,

people what are interested in what science has to say about modern mediums … who have seen what television producers imagine appeals to the public and who now want the real story.

It’s a little gem – short and succinct, highly readable, and packed with interesting insights. It’s also very accessible – £3 for Kindle owners ($4.99 in the US).

Beischel studied at the University of Arizona where she gained a PhD in pharmacology and toxology. There she joined the VERITAS program of mediumistic research. When the funding for her position dried up she started her own venture, the Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential. She says she has only ever sought one reading with a medium for herself, which she describes in some detail. Her mother had killed herself during this period, and she rated the statements relating to her as 93% successful.

As a result of her research Beischel ‘definitively’ concluded that certain mediums are able to report ‘accurate and specific information about discarnates without using any normal means to acquire that information’. She doesn’t give much detail about this, but is good on the issues involved: that is, the need for fully blinded conditions, optimal environments and maximum controls. She also stresses the need for skilled participants. Windbridge has around twenty mediums who have all been put through an extensive screening, training and certification procedure. They are part of the research team, and donate four hours per month or more…..

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