The Reptilians From Venus And Draco Inhabiting Earth

It’s difficult at times to distinguish between fact and fiction, often they run almost parallel to each other. Take reptilians for instance. Not those native to Earth but the ones who visit us via UFOs. Top of the most reported UFO aliens are the so called Grays with their big heads, spindly limbs and large black featureless eyes.

If a list was compiled of such things, most likely in second place would be the reptilians – lizard-like with scaly skin and yellow eyes. They have been popularised in science fiction for decades – but is there any reality to more current claims? If we look at the 1940s Hefferlin Manuscript, which I mentioned when writing about Antarctica’s Rainbow City, it suggests that evil reptile like creatures from Venus invaded Earth to do battle with the Martians of Rainbow City.

This all happened a long time ago, of course. The Manuscript reckons two and a half million years ago, to be precise, when both Mars and Venus were still habitable, as was Antarctica on Earth.  More more recent UFO contactees suggest that these reptilians come from solar systems in the constellation Draco. These guys are generally given negative portrayals – almost similar to the V storyline – obviously this is a ‘coincidence’.

I was reminded by something that Darren had written on his blog about how David Icke sees such reptilians as being the Masters of the World….. continues

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