The Langenburg Close Encounter

By far the most publicized UFO landing in recent years occurred during the 1974 Labour Day weekend on a rapeseed farm outside Langenburg, Saskatchewan, close to the Manitoba border. As a calling card, the five dome-shaped UFOs that landed on Edwin Fuhr's farm left five of the most distinctive nest-like depressions ever seen. The case also demonstrates the interest UFOs appear to have in studying our cultivation efforts.

The scene unfolds on Sunday morning, September 1, 1974. At about 10:45 AM Edwin Fuhr was out swathing the rape when suddenly he came upon a dome-shaped object fifty feet in front of him. Thinking it was a joke perpetrated by his neighbour, Fuhr jumped off his tractor and walked within fifteen feet of the object. His curiosity quickly turned to shock when he realized that the thing before him, now visibly revolving, was hovering about a foot above the ground.

Bewildered by the sight, he slowly backed away, making sure not to turn his back to the craft. As he mounted his swather, he became even more alarmed; there were four more identical objects nearby, all visibly revolving in unison, in a clockwise direction! In an interview with UFO researcher Ted Phillips, Edwin Fuhr described what had happened:….

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