The Jarmo Nykanen UFO Encounter

Jarmo Nykanen was staying at a lakeside summer cottage in Suonenjoki, Finland when he awoke to a buzzing sound in the early morning hours. The cottage was being bathed in a strong blue light. Going outside, Jarmo saw a blue light “twice as big as a row boat” approach from over the lake. It stopped and hovered offshore. The light seemed to radiate from a kind of “jelly,” glowing in an unusual manner. Jarmo thought he could see a strange being inside the light. The next thing he remembered he was lying on the porch of his cottage at about 6:00 a.m. He had lost track of four hours of time.

UFO Research of Finland has, after extensive research work, classified the case as a UFO case and declared Mr. Nykanen a reliable witness. Mr. Reijo Kolehmainen, aged 28, is the secondary witness. He has not personally seen the UFOs, but three of the four landing trace areas were found around his home. The following report is based on interviews and other documents accumulated by the research organization.

Mr. Jarmo Nykanen’s first contact with UFOs took place in the summer of 1973. His diary contains detailed notes about the incident. This is what happened on June 30, 1973:

Jarmo woke up at about 10 a.m. and started planning a visit to his summer cottage. In the afternoon he had a sauna bath. Then he walked through the forest to his cottage which is located on a lakeshore. Soon after the arrival he lit a fire outdoors. He warmed up some coffee and ate a bit. In the evening he listened to the radio and went to sleep two hours after midnight.

A few moments later he woke up and heard a buzzing sound. First he thought he had forgotten to turn off the radio but soon noticed that this was not the case. Then he saw a strong blue light enter the cottage from the direction of the door. Jarmo went out and walked down to the row-boat jetty. Above the lake he saw a blue light. Suddenly the light started to approach him. It stopped above the shallow water….

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