The Falkville Metal Man

By Lon Strickler

The year was 1973…I was getting ready to start my sophomore year in high school. It was a tumultuous and cynical time filled with news of Watergate, the Vietnam War and many other historical events. People were sick of reading about crooked politicians and continued war. UFO sightings were on the increase culminating in abductions and extraordinary sightings…and I was riding the wave. Unparalleled UFO encounters and alien visitation’s occurred worldwide during the most extraordinary “UFO Flap”. The number of UFO reports was unprecedented during this banner year. 1973 brought us the Pascagoula Incident and the Charlie Hickson and Coyne cases. But the one event that grabbed my attention the most was the Falkville Metal Man case….

On the Autumn evening of October 17, 1973, Jeff Greenhaw, then 26-year old Chief of Police of Falkville, Alabama, was settling in with his wife for a well deserved night of rest when he received an emergency call around 10 PM that would literally change his life forever.

The call was from an hysterical anonymous woman who claimed that a UFO had landed just outside of town in a field which was owned by Bobby Summerford.

Although he was off duty, Greenhaw…abiding by his sworn duty to serve and protect…jumped up, grabbed his keys, cuffs, revolver and his Polaroid camera, on the off chance that there might be something worth taking a shot of. He then hopped into his truck, radioed the call in and raced to the location of the alleged flying saucer landing……

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