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The Experience of a Lifetime Exclusive

Submitted by “B”

Editor’s note: The following account has been submitted by a reader who wishes to be known only as “B”  It has been published here exactly as it was sent in to me.

I am going to call myself “B”.  I am writing this because I feel that people should know the truth that a lot of people in power do not want you to know. I do have my opinions and comments on the usual things such as Dulce, other D.U.M.B.S, extraterrestrials and other various topics. However I am writing this based on my own experiences and on the positive side it helps me to get it out as I have learned a great deal of things from this experience.

First of all I would not wish what I went though on even my worst enemy. It was both terrifying and eye opening at the same time. Now I know their will be some of you out there that will be like “yea this guy is full of shit” or “no that didn’t happen”. Well I really don’t care what you think; I know what I experienced, saw and was told. Take of it what you will. If nothing else for you skeptics out there, this is an interesting story to talk about at the water cooler.

I had detailed notes, photos, journal entries and sound files however as my tale goes it was taken from me when everything was said and done despite the fact I made copies and hid them; anyways onward to the beginning of the experience.

I have always had things happen to me that I couldn’t explain. I know everyone has those experiences at least once in their life that they just stop and say “Did that really happen?” well let me tell you, I have had those experiences ranging from sensing malevolent and benevolent energies, at times predicting the immediate future with a relatively high degree of accuracy, stings of luck that really didn’t seem to be coincidental etc. Let me tell you though; this experience helps explain why those kinds of things happened to me while growing up.

It all started with this massive feeling of dread and impending doom that I have had many times before when something bad was about to befall a loved one or friend. I was on edge this clear sunny day in the beginning of October in 2007. I remember I made a couple of costly mistakes on the aircraft I was building and I decided to call it an early day. Later that day I was on my computer shifting through old pictures of my wife and I and one of them was different that didn’t belong. I naturally was intrigued, opened it. That was my first mistake. When it loaded I had this being staring right at me. I stared back. My gut feelings just shot through the roof while I was looking at this thing that looked a lot like a grey alien(to my ignorance I am sorry at this time). I got up not thinking about closing it. I am not sure if it was a direct connection or my mind playing tricks, it seemed to follow me and tilt its head, as if it was looking and observing me. I am kind of freaked out at this point, closed it down and the file deleted itself.

My wife came home late from hanging out with some friends from school. I was still up and we talked and she went to sleep around 11 pm that night. It was at 1:41 am, that number will be forever burned in my memory. That was the first night it all began. I awoke with this pulsing fear that seemed to come in waves, originating from the base of spine around the tail bone and making its way around my body. It was almost paralyzing in effect.  It felt weak at first, then as whatever it was (I didn’t have a clue at that time) seemed to move closer it got stronger. I was still able to move everything and still hold this fear at bay (don’t ask me how I to this day still don’t know how). I was terrified, the first time in my life that I was genuinely afraid for my life. As the source of this fear seemed to hang out side my window for some time which was about 21 feet from where I slept. Out of nowhere the fear got so intense like it was inside my bedroom. I had creaky flooring and it sounded like something was creeping up on the bed.

Now I have to set some more details straight, I know my wife was facing away from me, I could feel her back against my back. I was facing the wall; the covers came up just under my armpits. I was warm that night from the uneasiness. The fear got stronger and stronger, as did the floor boards agree that something was making its way towards the bed. As the fear pulses seemed like they were right beside the bed I felt this breath down the back of my neck. It wasn’t a warm breath but more of cold breath that didn’t seem human.

Now what I am about to described took place over what seemed like two seconds maybe three. I can’t be sure. After feeling the breath on my neck I thought to myself “No way am I dying today.” Adrenaline rushed through me like I have never had it before. I actually got to my feet in one bound I found myself standing on the bed. Meanwhile I somehow struck out at whatever it was with blazing speeds that I couldn’t have gotten without the adrenaline. When I shot out of bed all I heard was this loud squeal followed by three very heavy foot steps that had very long strides in between them. It then sounded like the creature passed though my wall and continued to book it away from me for some distance. I swear I saw an energy outline (sorry for the poor description) where the creature had been, felt where the creature had been. I saw something resembling a body that was roughly 5-6 feet tall and a long neck with a big head.

My wife right away woke up, asked what was wrong as I stood there shaking. Not too sure if it was from the adrenaline or the whole experience of that night. I told her that it was a really bad nightmare and just for her to go back to sleep. The clock read 2:53 am. I tried to relax but I couldn’t. Could you after having something like that happen? Well I just laid there, that constant state of fear just hanging there, beyond what I can see or sense. At 4:13am a light so bright that it went right though our blinds woke both me and my wife up. Seemed to have shot up into the sky what I can assume. The alarm went off for 6:30 am like it normally did. I didn’t sleep one wink that night. I went to go and get my cell phone, it was dead. “I just charged it last night before bed” I said to myself. Grabbed my car charger, thinking it may have something to do with what happened. Went out to the kitchen, looked at the clock and the clock in the kitchen showed that it was 7:30 am. I thought to myself. Ok, there is something wrong with this picture. Went and reset the clock in our room and rushed outside.

There was no snow at this time, it was too early and still fairly warm. I went to see if I could see any tracks. To my surprise there was two sets of tracks that lead to and from the field out by the side of my house. I was late for work so I didn’t have time to track them down that day. But believe me when I get that far it was worth tracking them.  I just took a picture of the paths and went to work. Think it was over? Hell no that was just the start of the experience.

I thought to myself after that night while at work, could it get any worse? I found my answer later that night. Once again at 1:41 am there was that blinding light that bared a resemblance to what happened the previous night, the fear pulses returned. First weak again like it was coming from far away, getting stronger as whatever it was approaching the house again. However unlike the previous night the entity didn’t attempt to enter the house and get close as it did the night before. It just stood there outside my window watching the closed blinds in what I can assume is the hopes that I would be willing to go and open the blinds. I had complete control of myself while these fear pulses came over me, wave after wave. Whatever it was it was just outside my house, my window just hanging out if you will. Once again like the previous night at only a bit later the light shot up into the sky I could once again presume. I looked at the clock and it said 3:19 am.

The above mentioned happened every night for months. The entities never attempted to get close to me since that first night that they were breathing down my neck. However one night I decided to try something while my nightly visitors were watching me. I decided to just put feelings in the lines of what do you want from me? What I got back were stronger fear pulses, and accompanied images of people on silver or grey tables surrounded by tall creatures. I only replied back with “no that’s not going to happen, not while I can do something about it” That night was different after that, they just seemed to take off, the pulses weakened, I heard them leave (yes I heard sounds out my window such as tapping on the window and clicks) and saw the light take off at roughly 2 am. It was a short visit.

That night it had snowed some, that was what the forecast called for and I was hoping it would snow. It was a day that I didn’t need to work. I decided to get up and see if there was that trail for foot prints that lead out to the field. There was tracks once again going out like there was new ones every night, however all leading to the same direction. I followed them, first off right by the house where the tracks stopped there was two spots that were melted away in a perfect circle. Only about 3 feet in diameter not very big and not matter what nothing would freeze there, like the ground was warmer there for some reason and let me tell you there is nothing underneath those spots to cause circles like that. I followed the tracks out into the field for nearly a kilometer, maybe more. I wasn’t surprised by what I found.

What I found in that snowy field that day finally started to make things really sink in. Every single set of tracks led back to a single circle about 100 feet in diameter; perfect circle melted away in the snow. The tracks all came and left in the same exact spot as if they always landed with the door in the same spot. The plant life was dead, like rotten and destroyed like something was killing it.  I snapped a picture and that was the day I decided to start collecting evidence of my incidences as best I could. I kept a nightly journal that contained such information as when they came, how long and if there was anything unusual about the visit. For the most part nothing ever changed; they just stood outside my window trying to look in. After the first couple of weeks I kept the lights on. That seemed to help keep them away from getting too close as well. However I had at this time only recently began talking with a relative of mine that I did not talk to for a while and I broke down a little bit about my situation. She just in as plain and matter of fact voice that I have ever heard her say to me “Do not worry help is on the way, they may take some time but it is coming”. I have never in all my life heard her talk to me like that. All I could think about was; you knew about this and it didn’t cross your mind to talk to me and let me know that something like this was going to happen? I didn’t say anything just acknowledged it and left it at that.

It was at this point that my research into the paranormal really picked up. I was always fascinated by it just never thought that it would never happen to me. I of course started with UFO sightings and things just picked up from there. Then one night six months into this terrifying experience the lights came like they normally did at 1:41 am but something was different this time though. I felt the fear pulses but they were nowhere near as strong as they had been. I soon found out why. I guess the help that my relative was talking about had arrived.

I was accustomed to hearing packs of coyotes around my house; I did live in the country after all. However this night they were different. Just as I felt the entities outside my window I heard this pack of coyotes yip and howl far off in the distance, then they rapidly closed the distance until I heard them outside my window and this overwhelming sense of peace and safety come over me. It was then I got the courage up to finally open the blinds and to my surprise there were these two coyotes sitting right out side my window like they were protecting it. The other six coyotes were chasing off these creatures that had about 6 foot tall bodies, arms and legs about half of that long with necks that were roughly 3.5 feet with small heads. Around their necks they had almost an armor plating of some sort that seemed to simmer in the moon light but like nothing I have seen in any light before. They had some sort of body armor or suit on as well but as they were being chased off I did not get a good enough look at them to describe any detail about them.  Anyways enough with the aliens back to the two coyotes sitting outside my window.

While the six coyotes chased off the two aliens, two remained underneath my window where I could see them and feel their presence. As I realized who they may be or what; one of them looked up at me with the most unnatural eyes that I have seen in a wild animal. As I stared at these very alien eyes of this coyote, I heard a peaceful and very relaxing voice in my head say to me in a dedicated effort “You need not fear us, we are here to help you, show you and guide you as we have other members of your lineage”. All I could say was thank you. That night was the first night in six months that I actually slept for the remainder of the night. Remember how I said this experience was both terrifying and eye opening; well at this point I had thought the terrifying part was over and I was in a wild ride for the foreseeable future.

After that last night there was peace and quiet throughout my nights for two or three days. It did not last long but it was as I can recall it a good experience for the next year and a half roughly before it went quiet again for some time. Regardless of the situations one of the biggest noteworthy beginnings of the experience is on the fourth night after the entities got chased off I had the same feeling of tranquility and peace come over me and I opened my eyes. I found it hard to believe but I was not in my room. I was in a room lined with lights so bright that I almost couldn’t see, at first I used my hands to shield as much of it as I could. Eventually the lights seemed to dim enough that I could make out a smooth surface on what I could make out as the ceiling. It was silvery grey in colour, however it was different than anything I have seen or have could have imagined.

Once my eyes had adjusted I could feel things around me, but no matter how hard I tried all I could see was blurry outlines. I guess one could make the resemblance to how when the predator cloaked but not quite as transparent. Some of them stood maybe about five feet high, others taller, shorter. As I looked around I didn’t feel threatened, or have the feeling that they meant me harm. I then heard this calm voice in my head just say a few words in very technical practiced English; “welcome, you are our guest.” I went to speak, I couldn’t. I could however move about freely. I tried my fingers they moved, toes worked as well. I knew I could move my head. I decided to try and sit up. It was a task, for some reason I hurt all over like I had just worked out for hours.

When I did eventually end up sitting up the entities stay just out of my line of sight, they always stayed behind me; around me but not where I could see them. I could feel them peering at me, I could almost feel their thoughts, intentions. Seeing as I couldn’t speak I thought to myself, mind if I take a look around? That same voice came back in my head with “You are our guest, not a prisoner.” I began to just walk around the room I was in that had no apparent doors or windows just smooth silvery grey walls, similar to mercury that were ice cold to the touch. I knocked on it if I remember right, it sounded like it was metal but it was something more. I did however feel an ever so slight vibration when I did touch it. I was so in awe of the situation that I didn’t think about what it was.  I do not know to this day what it was or how it was made and I could not even begin to venture a guess even now after all that time and the research I have done as a result of this whole experience.

Anyways the “lights” on the walls and ceilings as I approached them dimmed enough not to blind me and as I turned away from them they got brighter again. Naturally at this point I remember having a million and one questions about everything and anything. I cannot not recall any of them except for one question that to this day I remember clear as day, “Why me?”. I once again heard the peaceful and calming voice in my head “All your questions will be answered in time.”

I was free to roam as I recall and once I had explored the room I was in a door had seem to appear out of nowhere. I call it a door but if I remember right it was more of an archway that was just tall enough to fit through without having to bend over. As I approached it, it was pitch black at first. I think I heard some scurrying and then the lights dimmed on gradually until I could just make out a long hallway made of the same material with “lights” every seven feet or so.  Just as I began to walk through the archway I heard he same voice in head say that we were out of time and that they would be back again in the near future. Just the entity said that I woke up in my bed. However I didn’t just wake up, it felt like I was fired by a cannon back into my bed. It was intense I have never had this feeling before. It felt like I was falling extremely fast and suddenly hit the bed very hard.

All I know is that my alarm was going off to get out of bed, it was 5:45 am like I set it. I felt like I did not sleep at all during the night, I was sore as hell and I know the night day before I did not do anything to warrant feeling as sore as I did. I remember laying in bed for a few minutes, just thinking on what happened. Asking myself was that a dream? I then made a journal entry into my journal I started shortly after this all happened and wondered if I did in fact get taken and was free to roam a ship or if it was a lucid dream.

Regardless I took some notes in my journal I started after the first few bad experiences; like I did anytime something happened now and went on my day trying not have a huge grin on my face. Knowing that despite the fact the beginning was very terrifying, that something good would come of it. The exact day of the week I can’t recall and in reality is negligible but it was coming up on a week from my last experience. I was beginning to wonder if it was in fact just a lucid dream or if everything that has happened was real. At this point I was reeling from what was going on. My mind was going lightning fast with questions and all I could hope was that the entities that promised they would return, would well… return to give a chance to answer some of my questions.

I got that chance that night. Exactly one week from the first visit. I had that familiar safe feeling one night and my heart started to just race. I didn’t feel any fear pulses nor the feeling of impending doom (that’s the easiest way to explain it). I woke up by really bright lights again. I could move freely as I covered my eyes again with my hands. They felt really warm on my face. I thought to myself ok I am back wherever this is. Almost immediately following that thought I heard that familiar voice in my head say to me you are back where you were and we have come back like promised. I can’t recall the exact wording but it was something to that effect, that much I remember. Once my eyes adjusted slightly and the lights dimmed which took a few minutes I sat up on the edge of the mercury coloured table my feet hanging down about a foot from the floor that was smooth as glass only it was metallic and that same colour.

I tried to look around to see if I could actually see any of them, I couldn’t they had cloaked themselves again like they had last time. They didn’t stay out of my vision this time though which shocked me. There were five entities standing in front of me. Just waiting to see what I would do next I assumed. There was one that was slightly taller than the rest. I remember asking if he was the leader of the group in my head and I thought I saw something that resembled a nod. I stood up and it took a lot of effort, I was really hurting again like the last time. I vividly remember asking why am I so sore, I heard that voice in my head respond “Your body isn’t adapted to our technology, it is how we take you aboard our craft”. Naturally my next question was; how did I arrive there? The response I still don’t quite understand. However I can say it was basically instantaneous molecular transporter or a teleporter in simple terms. They went on to attempt explain to me how it works, I understood some of it but overall was lost. They ended the explanation with something that really rang a gong in my head. “Another race gave this technology to your race a long time ago, however your race’s less than basic understanding of science is prohibiting the replication and use of it.”  That was the gist of what they said, paraphrased to the best of my recollection. You understand the meaning of what I am saying?

After that bombshell of a revelation I remained seated I remember for what seemed like a few minutes, it only raised dozens of more questions. I remember getting the “answers will come in time” in my head again as the dozens of questions came up. As if they could read my thoughts. I knew I was feeling like something was poking around in my head but I really didn’t pay much attention to it at the time. Would you if you were in my position?  I remember getting up and walking towards that archway that was where it was the last time, the voice said to me “follow us we have something to show you”. We then proceeded down that hall way which opened up to what I later remember calling the observation room (I know sounds star trekish however that all I had to work with at the time… let me explain). This room had “windows” all the way around it, I could only assume that it was on the outer section of the craft. Now I say windows but it was a energy field of some sort that kept atmosphere in the craft and the vaccum of space out. This is how it was explained to me as I thought to myself what the hell is this? When we walked into the “observation deck” which my guides informed me was actually a multi purpose room on the outer part of craft. Anyways the “windows” were opaque; as I approached them they became clear. Before long I was looking at the earth from space. I remember this because it was so beautiful, so big and blue. We were above North America at that time. I remember only two questions 1. Why me? 2. Why let me remember everything that happens? The answers were along the lines “Your special… we are here to help you find your path” and “We want you to remember as much as you can so you can help others understand”. That is paraphrased of course, the exact wording I cannot recall. I must of stood there admiring the Earth with all the satellites, clouds and everything there was to see for a long time.

I remember the entities trying to explain things such as what each of the satellites were and most of them I have never heard of, some I have. I mostly remember how beautiful it was. Before long that voice in my head said to me “Its time to go, do not worry we will return to continue”. It once again felt like I was shot out of a cannon into my bed and it woke my wife up like it did last time. I was hurting but not nearly as bad as the first time. My alarm as going off to get and ready for work, I did my best to record the details in my journal of this visit. Which I was surprised at how much I could clearly recall after all this time, despite the fact it happened so long ago.

I started my day and went on not knowing what to do with everything I was told other than keeping it to myself until I had some time to absorb it. I remember just hoping that I would get another chance to meet them again. I just knew I would. I did… however that is for another night. I had marked down in my journal what day of the week it was the last time the entities had visited me. The next week when that day came around again I once again awoke onboard their craft again. Now this visit held specific importance to me; it started me on a branch of research that to this day I continue to do when I have some time and I never cease to uncover new information.

As I said I awoke to the now familiar bright lights that almost adjusted immediately when I came to. This time however was a little bit different. I only had one entity with me this time. It stood about five feet tall, and it hadn’t completely cloaked itself like they had. It seems like as they get to know me they show just a little bit more of themselves. I remember calling it and he as he said that his is indeed what we call male. I heard the familiar voice in my head again “Welcome, come we have much to show you and not much time.” I remember him stressing that fact very little time. We then proceeded down the hallway that was just big enough for me to walk down into the multipurpose room we were before. It was different this time, very different.

The room still had those “windows” however in the center of the room there was this pedestal surrounded by two chairs. That was I thought they were anyways. This time we were overlooking part of the ocean. Hovering just above a lighting storm, could have been a tropical storm. I remember asking where we were and I remember getting the answer “safe”. I asked from what? The voice replied something to the effect of “There are those within your governments that have made agreements with races that mean your kind harm, like those that came to you first.”  One would think that I would have been shocked by this; at this point nothing surprises me. Every time I meet them I learn something that I didn’t want to know, but I know that I should be doing something to help get the people aware of what’s going on.

I vividly remember asking if they knew which one have and which one haven’t. I got one thing better than any answer they could of told me. I heard “Behold” in my head and over that pedestal a replica of the earth in 3D hologram appeared over it. I remember just thinking what is this? The hologram was scattered with dots of three colours, they were red, blue and green. The entity then went on to explain that each dot represented a base of operations that extraterrestrials were working with humans (mind you at this time I haven’t even touched on this subject in my research and I would imagine that their would be a lot more now in 2012 than back then in 2008). I was informed that the red dots were bases that had agreements with malevolent races, they were everywhere; in every country of the world. However being where I lived I focused more so on North America. They had red dots in the grand canyon, in the Roswell area and more spread through the country and some in the ocean as well. The Roswell area in particular had a cluster of at that time three of four dots. I just thought to myself WOW, what am I supposed to do with this.

The entity then when on to explain that the blue dots were friendly bases, he then made a reference to the federation of light or a beneficial alliance.  Oddly enough in Canada the blue dots outnumbered the red significantly. The great lakes, rocky mountains and a little bit off and away from the ocean shores were where they were mostly located. I will get into details about what races belong to what a bit later. I will do my best to keep it as accurate as possible. He then went on to explain that the green dots were bases where they were as I recall “without allegiance”. In short neutral, only serving they’re own goals and ends. I cannot recall seeing many green dots in North America, One or two further north but I think that’s about it.

I remember asking in my head what races are good or part of this federation of the light? He then named about five or six of them. I cannot recall them all but he said it encompassed races from plaides, tau ceti and three other star systems that I have not heard before including the race that was showing me all this. He then went on to explain that most of the races in the GFL(Galactic federation of light) are look like us for the most part, but are faster, stronger, smarter and are roughly two thousand years advance if not more in technology and understandings of the universe and physics. The GFL as I understand it want to see us take to the stars and reach our true potential. However as things got going I wanted to find out what races were the “bad” ones or the races that mean humans harm. I was told they far out number the GFL however with that being said they are not as technologically advance as any race in the GFL but they still are well beyond our current level(in the year 2008) and only serve their own ends. They see us a threat, food source, slaves or they seek to control the human race as I was told by my guide.

I asked what races encompassed that malevolent alliance. I was given just a few names but I had a feeling that it was much longer. He named the reptilians (but he stressed that not all meant us harm), dracos(as far as I can tell they are descendants of dinosaurs to be easy on the description) and a good number of the greys(what we classify them as anyways). He went on the stress though that not all reptilians and greys mean us harm but for the most part they are intrigued by us for the reasons I mentioned earlier. He also mentions a raced called the animus and when he said that I could even feel the fear coming from him. It could also have been caution, who knows? He didn’t elaborate on the subject but I didn’t need to go any further I knew at that point they were bad news.

I remember after what seemed like hours of gathering information that I can only recall a fraction of it now at this point I was once again told that it was time for me to go. That feeling of being shot out of a cannon ensued. I remember still being sore just not as much compared to the last two times.  I took my notes and started my day. After the last experience I was reeling from all the information I was shown. I do believe that it was about a month from that experience that I got my next visit. However at this point I can’t be sure. It was so long ago and so much has happened.

I was sleeping and once again awoke in the now familiar space. However I wasn’t greeted by the same entourage or the same one entity that has greeted me before. This one was different; she said that the normal one (I cannot at this point recall his name as he told me during the last visit) was occupied at the moment. She was just as peaceful and reassuring; I felt comfortable with her as my guide for this visit. As what had become routine I once again heard the “we haven’t much time” in my head. We hurried off down the hallway and this time not into the general purpose room that my other visits have used. I was taken into what I only assumed was the “engine” room. I naturally asked where we where. We took a left in that hallway rather than the end of the hallway.  The female voice said “This is our drive room.” I took a second to get that straight she must mean engine room. She just replied with a “yes” in my head as if scanning my thoughts. I will do my best to give details about this chamber; please bear with me.

I walked into this chamber that was circular in nature, the entrance came out into the clearest part of the room. I looked to the left, I saw what I can describe as control panels of sorts. They were covered in a language that I asked about and was told that a number of humans already know it. If I remember correctly it was referred to as the universal language that nearly every species understood as it was used for trade within the alliances. These control panels seemed to be attached to the wall about five feet off the mercury colour glass floor. Attached by what I haven’t a clue. I naturally had thousands of questions, however I cannot remember what they were or what the answers were to them. I was just so amazed with the level of technology that I had the privilege of being shown. I do believe that I was allowed to touch one for what seemed like an hour. It was lightning fast, far faster than anything that we have on earth, silent and the “screen” seemed to be projected off the wall, almost like an image. As I continued to move around the twenty five foot diameter chamber I noticed in the center there was this cylinder with “wires” as I called them that protruded out and down through to the floor. They weren’t quite wires as more of conduits of sorts that from what I recall they were part of the system used to recharge the drive when required. The cylinder stood maybe three feet tall and about two feet apart. I asked what the cylinder was I got this huge complicated answer that in short form was the storage of energy that was then distributed to the actual drives themselves. From my research that I have done compared to what I can remember, it bears a striking resemblance to what people call zero point energy and storage. To which that type of energy defies every known physics law that we abide by in our primitive sciences. However back to experience; I asked how it works. I cannot recall the exact details even close. However here is the meat and potatoes of it from what I understood.

The conduits are attached to gathering devices on the outside of the craft, when they need to recharge the drive (which from I remember is very rarely). They simply find a strong magnetic field, such as a lightning storm or even just coming into the earths atmosphere as I was told the earth it a huge magnet that creates massive amounts energy in the magnetic fields as well as electrical energy. They then transfer or transform the magnetic fields into useable power that is stored in that cylinder in the center of the room. As the energy was required they could distribute it where and when they needed it. Like I said the specifics of it I cannot even attempt to recall. How they change it into useable energy and whatnot I didn’t even understand when they guided me through the process; let alone now.

After I spent what felt like hours having my questions answered I continued to move about the chamber. All I can remember is one important question that I to this day remember the answer as clear I asked it. I asked her if you have this technology why do every craft have lights and some of them different colours. She replied “They are a result of some species faster than light drives, others use it to distract or draw your races attention, others use it because they cannot see very well in the dark like your kind and most importantly it can disguise the actual size of the craft to make it look bigger or smaller depending on the desired effect or it may be manipulated into a offensive tool.” She must of sensed my satisfaction and decided to send me back home. I heard the female entity’s voice in my head say “I believe we have shown you enough for now, we will return you home.” I awoke in my bed heart racing and my mind just going insane with the information I was shown.  I recorded what I could and started my day, looking forward to my next visit.

The next few visits I received were nothing spectacular to note. They did show me various things that much I can remember. They must not of been very important as I do not remember them today. However I will put two or three of them together to get my point across. I remember this being one of the few visits over the coming months where I was shown something, however the details of how I got there, or the duration I cannot be certain at this point. I awoke as if half way through something. Almost as if something was wrong. I woke up, I had no greeter. I wondered to myself what was going on? However the ship was moving. Or it felt like it was moving. I went down the corridor to the general purpose room only to find it very busy. I was greeted by it seemed like a servant of some kind. This entity was shorter than the rest and was very curious. I could feel it trying to peer into my mind but it for some reason wasn’t able to.

All it said to me was “Come; I have only time to show you one thing”. The next thing I remember is that I in this lab of some sort. I was trying to ask questions and all I got from it was a distressed feeling and no answers.  We enter this chamber in which was completely empty except a pedestal in the center. It then proceeded to push a number of buttons up came a hologram of a molecule. I was intrigued. Then out of no where the ship shook as if it was hit or under attack. The entity said to me “you are in danger here, do your best to remember this as it will help your race. Now we have to return you home now.” That was that short visit.

I awoke in my bed feeling very distressed, like something wasn’t right on board my guides craft. Now before anyone asks NO I do not remember what it looked like, or any details of it beside the fact it was a molecule. That is one of my most regrettable things regarding this whole thing. Anyways the next noteable event to take place took place about 3 months later. Come to think of it since that last visit I wrote about I didn’t have a visit until this one. Anyways I was sound asleep and I was awoken by the familiar feelings. Which was good as I worried about my guides well being after not hearing from them in so long. I asked the familiar male voice in my head. “What happened the last time you guys came?” He then replied with a lot of restraint “Just as we took you aboard we came under attack”.

He then proceeded to tell me that they had no idea where or what race/faction it was that attacked them. The only fact they knew was that it seemed like they were waiting for them despite the fact they had in his words “inferior technology”. He then went on to say that it most likely was a man made craft that could have had technology given from other races and that they were on to them about enlightening individuals such as myself. I then thought to myself something along the lines of “Oh ok, that’s why you haven’t been around.” He just replied with “Yes; they have been watching you for some time now. They are very good at concealing themselves.”

After that fact I was just so surprised. I remember thinking to myself who would want me? I am just another guy with bills, family and everything else that humans have. I remember distinctly my guide replying to me “You are special; you do not know it yet.”  You have many eyes watching you and others like you. To see what and how you will help the world make its transition. Not just for the world but your race and all others on the planet and galaxy.” That right there stopped me in my train of thought. I remember thinking to myself… “Special how? What makes me different from my neighbors or other humans?” I got back a reply “We can’t tell you exactly how because we do not know how it came to be. All we know is that your code(I am to this day assuming genetic code) has been tampered with along your family tree. That is why we are here to guide you and see what you are capable of”

After I had my multitude of questions that the entity couldn’t answer quick enough he gave me the time to go speech. That is all that I remember about that one. It went from here several months where I believe on more than one occasion I was taken to a different planet. The details of them and what I saw I cannot recall in great enough detail write even remotely close to accurate, I was also shown many other things such(if I remember correctly of course) like how some of the weapons and defensive systems work, some of their culture and customs, practices and such. Yes off world entities do have a very strong spiritual side. However the details I am afraid are lost to time.

The visits continued over the next year or so where I was shown more things plus what I have already mentioned. However like all good things they come to an end eventually. On night about two years after the initial event I was taken up one last time. I was met with the guide that I am familiar with and all he had said to me was “Remember well, the world and the human race are not ready to know the extent of what knowledge we have shown you. Any and all items you have acquired will be returned to us. You will know when the time is right to start doing what you know you will have to do. We will be watching and waiting to see what impact you will have.”

When I woke up I had this one thought in my head that remains with me today. The human race is going to have a hard time unless we learn to set a side our differences and combine out efforts to work together to fight the common enemy and use the technology we already possess to reach our full evolutionary potential. Things were quiet for 8 months after that last visit where they had told me that the world wasn’t ready to have as much concrete evidence that other races exist. However after that happened, I did take notice of certain changes that have happened to me. I had taken note at this point that despite the fact everyone else sick I had not gotten sick once nor come even close to getting sick since this all began. I also noticed that I was more sensitive to the magnetic and other energy fields that allowed to me feel them coming way before they had gotten even close.

There were also time I just had feelings regarding future events that I had no knowledge about and 99% of the time they were correct. I could also feel other people’s intentions and read peoples futures and past to determine what they wanted. I also seemed to heal much quicker from injuries then I had previously did. It was as if something or someone flipped a switch in my body. Was this some of the ways I was supposed to help the human race? I think so. Anyways back to the next event that helped form me to who I am today.

It was a warm summer night. My wife and I were getting ready to go to bed when we both saw a small bright light off in the field. As we observed it and took off straight into the sky without a sound. About a half hour later we heard what sounded like a baby crying. Only this cry was so deep that it shook the windows and it felt like it went right to the center of our brains. We then decided to open the window to see if we could see something. We also shut off the lights. When we did it; whatever it was quieted down temporally. Then it picked up right back off where it left off. It was very difficult to determine how far away it was however it seemed to start from far away then proceeded to get closer.

Once it got within about one hundred fifty feet of the house it did not try to get any closer. As it settled in on the house the “crys” got more and more intense. It got to a point where it hurt both of our ears and brains. It then proceeded to slowly circle the house, it was about three times that I decided to try and get a good look at it, we had a five hundred watt flood light on the one corner of the house. Once it sounded like the creature was around where the light was I turned it on.

Now I did not get a good look at it. It had scurried away as I felt its surprise. However the silhouette that I saw made me very uncomfortable. It stood on all fours, about four feet high. It was very muscular and had a width of three feet wide. It also had what looked like spikes or spines that lined its back. It also when it realized that it had been found it had looked at me with its deep red eyes that glowed well after the light was turned off.

The creature continued to circle the house for about another hour or so then it just was quiet. Likewise shortly after it went quiet the same light that brought it returned and then after a few minutes shot straight up in the sky with no sounds. The next morning I went out to find so the tracks, oh did I find some. It did indeed have four feet and it must’ve been very heavy as all the in prints left by it were very deep. However it wasn’t over. The same “cry’s” returned for three consecutive nights. Even my neighbors talked about saying that they have lived there their entire lives and never once heard anything like it. However shortly after that one amazing happened. Let me tell you about it.

It was a nice summer afternoon. My wife and I decided go for a walk. It was about time for the wild berries that grew around our house to be ready. A short time into our walk we see this larger animal race towards us on the road. We both stopped and just waited for it to get closer. As it approached we realized it was a baby deer. It raced past us, then stopped behind us and turned around. Next thing we know we are petting a wild deer as it sniffed out pants, shoes and hands. We then heard a grunt from the bush and the deer perked its ears up and it took off into the bush.

I think mom wasn’t too happy with the baby deer checking us out. Anyways later on that walk we had picked a ton of berries and were taking them home for my wife to eat later. Then off in the distance I heard hooves coming towards us; however I didn’t pay it any attention. As approached I felt a wet nose and really wet tongue in the palm of my hand that was covered with berry juice. It was that baby deer again. Once again we got to pet it and touch it as it cleaned up my hands. It felt really weird but the whole experience I bet only a hand full of people have experienced. After everything that has happened and then this? I do believe that it was a sign that things are changing for the better.

Things were changing for the better, I helped strangers and friends a like. I managed to follow my feelings and guide a few of my friends in the right direction and help them be successful in their endeavors. However it wasn’t and to this day isn’t all sunshine and lollipops.  I would like to present an experience that demonstrates how interconnected we are to the animals and our surroundings. It was a summer evening and once again the neighbour’s dog from far up the road had gotten out of his kennel and made his way down and was patiently waiting for me outside my door. He would just sit there, and wait for me to come out and play with him and walk him back. Henry was just a puppy just a bit over one year old and he wasn’t very well trained at this point. None the less he always listened to me and did as I told him from the day that I met him as a pup being brought home. Come to think of it since this had all began I have never had any trouble with any animal wild or domesticated.

I did however have a somewhat familiar feeling that something wasn’t quite right that evening. After I began to walk Henry home I began to have the feeling that something was watching me. As I walked down the tree and bush lined road; some of which is so thick one cannot see through it, I heard branches break and saw trees sway as if something big and strong was moving them. Henry then periodically began to block my path and not allow me to pass him. If I did he would growl at me and move ahead of me. Every time he would block me he would growl at something in the bush. Some of the times it would only be a short time and a couple of the times I remember he blocked me for a long time.

Every time he blocked me the familiar feelings of those fear pulses weakly returned; as did the tree and branches stop moving. At one point I had more than just Henry with me doing that. For a short distance of the two kilometer stretch of road I had a small group of birds that kept over head of me, within arms reach of my head. Likewise when ever Henry stopped the group of birds formed a circle around me as well. It was quite amazing. I was both in awe and scared at the same time. I wondered to myself is it what I think it is that is following me? That would certainly explain the rally of nature around me.

Eventually after what took an hour that should of only taken twenty minutes to do I returned Henry to his owners. They asked if I wanted a drive home, it was a beautiful clear night I declined. It was already dark as I began to return home on the two kilometer journey. As I approached the archway as I used to refer to it (it is a part of the road where one hundred year old trees completely cover the road from the night sky). That feeling I had returned from when I brought Henry back; only this time it was different. It was much stronger.

I continued through the archway and as I was just about through it I heard some very heavy land on the ground as if it had jump out of the branches. This did not frighten me. What did frighten me was the sound of foot steps, heavy foot steps start making their way through the bush to the one side of the road towards me. I picked up my pace to see if whatever it was would pace me. It did, over a short time it closed a seemingly large gap between it and me. At this point my heart was racing, adrenaline pumping and I was in survival mode. The creature that was headed towards me had a massive magnetic field and it only got stronger the closer it got. I know this as I learned to feel changes such as that as a survival technique which allowed me to both sense things ahead of time and center myself and heal my body naturally, the way nature intended us to. I at this point began to run faster than I have ever before. This was the second time in my life that I was genuinely afraid for my life.

No matter how fast I ran though all I kept hearing was trees getting pushed aside, branches breaking and the constant “thud…thud…thud…thud…” that seemed to pace me with no effort what so ever. I must’ve covered that two kilometers in less than a minute, don’t ask me how or what I did but I just ran as fast as my body would take me. Once I reached the lights that were at the end of my neighbours driveway I heard the creature slow right down and stop right at the tree line. My heart still racing and my mind racing like wise I against my good judgment decided to turn and see what was following me. I couldn’t see much as the light was blinding me from the front however I did see a hulking figure, that stood on two legs and arms just about as big as its body and it must’ve of stood about 7 feet tall. It had these glowing red eyes that just peered at me while I decided to look at it. Once it realized that I had seen it I got this feeling of “your lucky the lights there” (sorry that’s the only way I can describe it). I know there would have been no way I could of defended my self against something that size bare handed and I was glad my body knew what to do.

I was covered in sweat, shaking, and not in the right mind at that point in time. I decided to stay outside a little bit longer and calm down. Even when I had calmed down and went back into the house my wife was so worried about me. If I had told her what went down that night, she would have wanted to leave that house for sure and never return. I kept what had happened to me and tried my best to relax so that I could have a good nights sleep.  The next day was quite interesting. I had decided to go and look for tracks and what not. I was going to cut across my neighbours front yard. However I did not as what I saw intrigued me. When I looked across my neighbours front yard I saw what I thought was a portal or anomaly of some type. I saw a triangle about 8 feet wide spinning slowly about three feet off the ground. My wife came out and she couldn’t see it. Only I could. I tried to take a picture of it, didn’t show up. As I approached it I got this feeling that I never had before and I can not describe it. It did however slow down as I approached it. I took a chance and tried to touch it. My wife was right there but not paying me any attention. She just thought I was going crazy. As I touched it I could see an image of something on the other side. It was really blurry but it looked like it was a landscape of some sort. It was nothing that I was familiar with even after all my experiences. It was beautiful and I could feel the heat from the sun on the other side and to my back from our sun.

After some time I got a really weird feeling and it made me uneasy. As I backed away the portal just vanished. It emitted an energy type that I know shouldn’t belong in this world or it is new and our energy fields haven’t had a chance to adjust to it yet. This was the first of this kind of experiences and I remember it like it was yesterday because of how unique it was. I just wish I could describe more about this portal but there is not much more to say. I have tried to research more on portals and the like and I come up with some crazy things, some of which I completely discount like a lot of people have about this story and message.

I now never completely throw something out the window, I always do research before I make an informed decision on a feeling or an experience of another or myself. I have learned a lot about our world as we know it, as it should be and the way things are. I know I myself cannot single handedly change the world but I can do my part.

This next event happened much more recently; about two years ago. It was once again a unique experience and I remember it very well. It was cool evening, sometime in the early fall. My wife had gone to bed it was about 11 pm or so. I was on the computer and we had our room door open. Now we had this smoke alarm that would go off over anything, when we had a shower, when we cooked and even on a humid day it was that sensitive of a unit. I was doing some research on my computer which was right to the left of the door. I could see right out into the hallway that leads into our living room, kitchen, basement and the upper floor of the house. This night was not a humid night, we had not had a shower nor were we cooking. It is like I said 11 pm and out of the blue the smoke detector goes off.  I of course cursed to myself and stopped my music and look then it shuts off just as I look around the corner of the door. We did have the windows open and I thought to myself that a breeze must’ve set it off. It wouldn’t be the first time it happened. I turned my music back on and went back to my research. Shortly after that perhaps ten minutes it goes off again. This time I wait about a minute before I look. It keeps going and going. Oddly once I look at the hallway it stops. I then turned off my music for good and decided to listen to the energy fields for the next time it may happen.  Sure enough within another twenty minutes accompanied by a weird fluctuation in the energy fields the smoke detector goes off again. I do not look for this time five minutes. It does not shut off. I look then it shuts off. I had the music off and I heard extremely faint foot steps run away from the location of the detector. The floor boards also creaked as they did every where in the house.

At this point my wife was concerned that something was wrong so to make her happy and help her go to sleep I took the detector down and left it in our room by my computer. I then went to bed, leaving the door open and tried to sleep. I got about twenty minutes of sleep before the smoke detector went off again, this time in our room. My wife at this point had ear plugs in and it didn’t bother her. I didn’t look at it until it went for about another five minutes. I look at it once again as I hear foot steps run away and the detector stop. I then got up and removed the battery from the detector then closed and locked our door. I was at this point a little but on edge as this feeling I have not felt before. What ever this creature or entity was it was neutral and just testing me.

It was another twenty minutes or so then I heard the floor board creak on the other side of the door. Out of no where the entity slammed against the door and tried to open the door but couldn’t as it was locked. I figured a simple lock would not be able to keep something like that out but it didn’t try to get past the door at that time. It just slammed on the door and tried to open the door knob. That scared the shit out of me and my wife. After it decided it was done with my door I heard it proceed to go though the entire house room by room opening everything and moving things around. I heard at this time very rushed and panicked foot steps. Like clock work twenty minutes later it slammed on the door once again. I got out of bed approached the door. The entity ran away again like it was testing me or my wife. It once again ran through the house doing what it did before.

This time though next time I unlocked the door while it was doing its thing. This time I calmed my nerves, and waited until I heard the floor boards creak by the door. I already had the door knob disengaged from the frame. Just as I felt the energy field behind the door I opened the door with as much speed as I humanly could. What I saw was well… nothing at the first glance; however I felt extreme sense of surprise and awe at the same time. I then promptly heard heavy foot steps run away and around the corner into the living room where the couches and love seat were turned over and not where they were before this ordeal began. It was dark and I intended to keep it that way. I did not turn on any lights or grab for a flash light as I had a feeling that it would not help the situation.

I kept feeling the source of the energy in the one corner of the living room. I just sweeping the room could not see anything. I knew though something was there. I closed my eyes slightly and used a technique that I had taught myself to see energy fields and feel energy in nature. It is far more difficult in low light situations but it can be done if the field you are looking for is strong enough. I focused in on that corner and after some time I began to see a variation in that corner and I could see a rough outline of a creature that stood about six feet tall, very lanky arms and legs and a larger that human head but not huge like some of the races I have had the chance to meet. I could not make out any features other than the rough features I just described however it was well aware that I could feel and “see” it. The creature then changed the field to a positive feel and approached me with what I thought was its hand outstretched. I took it and it had four long boney fingers with a thumb similar to ours. I was shaking its hands and I could really at this point feel its admiration and respect like it wasn’t expecting me to be able face it without wanting to kill it. Like most of us do when we do not know what it is, we kill it and then ask questions later.

Anyways after this short hand shake and acknowledgement the creature nodded I think and turned and walked right through the wall to the outside. The creature emitted such a strong field that I could feel its emotions and intentions. I have learned that a lot of species rely on communication in this manner, we humans do the same with our surroundings as I have learned to do as a self defense technique. How do you think that some people can lift cars when they need to, their body manipulates the energy fields around us and the earth to move the car or negate its natural gravity field. Anyways that is the lesson I have taken from this experience. It was a very unique experience and I will never forget it. Oh and I got everything back in order before my wife woke up the next day and she to this day is unaware of what actually took place that night.

I had one more major event I would have liked to write about; however given some of the comments that I have read; I strongly believe that a lot of people will think I took it out of the movie avatar. I assure you the bleeding cuts I had when I woke up and then were healed with only minor scars by the time the experience was over were real as if I cut myself. I am not going to write about it at this point though as much as I would love to. I am going to save it for a later publication on its own as it is worthy of that. This whole event took place many years before the concept of avatar was ever introduced to me.

In May of 2012 my wife and I bought and moved into a new house in the city. Things have been fairly quiet since we have moved to the city, I have had only two incidents in the new house and both of which were when I was alone and I had a feeling that something was going to happen well before anything did happen. I am not saying that being in the city and around people makes it any easier but it does help keep the ones you don’t want near you at bay and the ones you want near you… well lets just say that if they want you they will get you.

I to this day continue to search the skies, earth, spirits and research to learn everything I can about how things are, have been and are going to be. I know after reading some of the comments about my recounts my events have been called a hoax by many. Here what I have to say, I know what I saw and I did my best to recount everything as best I could after all this time. Believe what you want of my tales or don’t believe them at all. I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.

It has taken me years to find myself and now that I have; this is only the beginning for me. I feel that I am wasting my time being a part of a slavery based economic system. That rewards those who undermine and reduce others to heavy debt loads and living paycheque to paycheque The powers that be have done a very nice job keeping the system in check and making sure that people like me who genuinely want to help humanity succeed and survive the next couple hundred years; don’t get taken seriously. That is fine with me and everyone is entitled to their own opinions. One must find their own path in the chaotic world that we live in. I believe I have found mine. I will gladly do what it takes to ensure that we succeed. If that is my true purpose then so be it.

Here is my message that if you were too busy getting caught up in the small details that you may have missed. We as human beings are capable of great things and great destruction. The powers that be want the latter of the two. I would prefer the earlier. If we are to overcome the daunting challenges that we are going to be facing we need to be unified in that effort. Every one of us is capable of breaking free and discerning fact from fiction. In fact I wrote my experiences with that in mind to A)keep my self and my family safe and B) to keep those who would seek to harm me in their comfort zones with a few little bits of fiction.

Yes I did fill in on a few things however the message remains the same. Every recount is as accurate as I can recall however I did have filler content in there to bridge between events. There is indeed an alliance that has our good intentions at heart. It may very well be called the Galactic federation of the light. I to this day still don’t remember exactly their wording for it but we do have help.

You hear that… We do have help. All we have to do is get the organizations behind the governments and controlling parties to be shaken, uncomfortable and second guessing themselves. They are the ones that filter through everything and make sure it doesn’t make us think too much or start to ask questions; questions that we should be asking. That was the whole point of my series. I am going to be continuing my pursuit of this.

It is my duty as a human being, father, friend, husband and son.

We are bound for so much more than paying taxes, bills and killing each other. I know I am doing my part to help get people together, help people understand that we need to co-operate and overcome the barriers put in place. I ask this of people who are like minded, open minded and have that feeling that something is going down that we can help get over it.

Together we can evolve the way we were meant to, survive off the energies around us, to transcend the need for violence and our physical self. That is what I took from this whole experience, which I would not wish on my worst enemy. I have come out with a clear head. More importantly I know where I have to go. How I am getting there I have yet to work out all the kinks yet.

I have just started.

I may be one man, but I am part of a global movement that will succeed because we have to.

I would like to thank my wife for being by my side all these years and helping me make sense of it all and for hosting and helping me getting out my experiences and messages. I would also like to thank all those who have believed and supported me in this endeavor and I hope that one day we will be united in the stand against the malevolent entities both earth bound and extraterrestrial.

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    thanks for sharing B … i too have had a very similar experience. i’m sure there is more to your story as i know that much of what i’ve come to see cannot easily be shared as it is impossible.. yet it makes sense. after the fear and confusion… it truly is an experience of a lifetime! keep sharing. :D

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