The Enrique Castillo-Rincon alien contact case

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The following case from South America in the 1960s and 1970s presents one of the most well documented and captivating alleged extraterrestrial contact experiences to date.

The first contact with the unknown

In June 1963, Enrique Castillo, a thirty year old man, was working for the power utility company in Costa Rica to build an observation outpost near the top of the Irazu volcano. One day, along with two colleagues, he saw two circle-shaped orange objects in the sky with a diameter of about one hundred and twenty feet that were flying at eight hundred feet over the crater. As he wrote in his book OVNI: Gran Alborada Humana (UFO: A Great New Human Dawn), one of the two objects was falling out of the sky in a “falling leaf” movement (many UFOs are reported to fly as if they were leaves falling from a tree) and changed its color to a leaden hue. Castillo and his colleagues began feeling a terrible itch throughout their bodies. Suddenly, some sort of periscope came out of the UFO’s dome. On its top there was a hammer-shaped object that rotated rapidly and emitted a purple light. After a few minutes, the periscope was drawn back and the aircraft disappeared at high speed……

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