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The Actuality of Invisible Alien Beings


Intro by Lon Strickler

This past week I started looking over the David Eckhart Family alien visitation case and the evidence that was presented here and elsewhere…including evidence not yet revealed. I think that it may be time for the entire incredible saga be told. It’s going to require some time…but I beieve that there was, and continues to be, an important message for all of us. In the meantime, I decided to post a narrative I wrote in 2010 concerning alien beings and their supernatural abilities…in particular, invisibility and/or cloaking. The various entities that David and his family encountered, for the most part, exhibited cloaking capability and other similar proficiencies. Spirit Rescue International founder (and my mentor) Irene Allen-Block, who is a reknown psychic and spirit rescuer, had at least two encounters with these beings. Her account is included in this post:

I started to examine the invisible extraterrestrial hypothesis after a friend and colleague experienced two very strange and similar events. Over the years I have read a few witness statements of similar sightings though I mostly discounted the reports. Now, I have anecdotal evidence from a very reliable witness that there is an actual phenomenon that may be associated with non-terrestrial beings including the possible use of a time portal or multidimensional travel.

Many of you have seen the Predators Trilogyfilms and are familiar with the cloaking technology used by the extraterrestrial in the film. Basically, the alien being is hidden or invisible even though a matrix outline of the alien being can still be detected. The description in the following account is akin to the fictional entity in the films.

Several months ago, Irene Allen-Block described an incident she experienced in her backyard the evening before. She had let her dogs out and was standing at the back door while waiting for them to finish their business. As many of you know, Irene is a psychic, clairvoyant and an outbounder…some would describe her as a preeminent ‘ghost whisperer’. Her gifts allow her to detect many levels of paranormal energy…be it human, non-terrestrial, earthbound or otherwise.

As Irene continued to wait for her dogs, she noticed ‘something’ approach her on the walkway from the lower yard. Her description was that of a tall and wide shouldered being but without mass…a pixilated transparent form that continued to move towards her. As this form came near her it abruptly stopped as if it was surprised that Irene was staring at it. Then this form dissipated completely. This was not the first time something of this nature had materialized near Irene. A similar incident transpired the previous year while she was standing adjacent to her garden…this time the being was somewhat smaller in form but similarly pixilated and transparent.

Her sense of these beings was that it was not a haunting or manifestation by a human spirit. In fact she had never recognized similar phenomena previously. Her assessment was that these were entities from beyond our dimension and most likely of alien origin. After I listened to the evidence, already having knowledge of her surroundings, I concurred that her experience was more than a manifesting human energy. (*NOTE: read Irene’s complete unedited statement below)…..

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