Tarot Card Fundamentals

I admit to being something of a tarot card fundamentalist.  There are tarot card fundamentals that define what the tarot is.  Today there is any number of fun tarot decks, many quite whimsical.  There are fairy decks, witch decks, angel decks, and cat decks, even a zombie deck.  What next?  A superhero tarot?  Modern interpretations may be fun and attractive, but don’t think they are the real deal. They are NOT proper tarot cards.  That is my fundamentalism rising.

I consider the Tarot of Marseilles to be the basis for authentic, traditional tarot cards based in the past.  They have symbolism filled with alchemical and astrological influence.  Unfortunately, the tarot of Marseilles is also an ugly, awkward appearing deck.  It is no surprise some have wanted to pretty it up along with trying to make the symbolism more literal.  That is what the Rider-Waite deck did, and lost something of the original meaning in the process.

Another older deck preceding the Rider-Waite deck is the Book of Thoth Etteilla Tarot (not the Crowley version).  Here is another example of an altered version of the tarot, but from the pre-Waite past.  Let us compare these different versions…..

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