Scientists build the One Million Dollar man

By Hayley Dixon

One million dollar Rex – short for robotic exoskeletons – was built using the most advanced artificial limbs and organs from across the world. And he shows that from bionic arms and legs to artificial organs, science is beginning to catch up with science fiction in the race to replace body parts with man-made alternatives.

In the 70s TV series The Six Million Dollar Man astronaut Steve Austin, played by Lee Majors, was left horribly injured after his craft crashed and was given a bionic arm and legs and an artificial zoom-lens eye.

6ft Rex also raises ethical dilemmas, as research on advanced prosthetic arms and legs, as well as artificial eyes, hearts, lungs – and even hybrids between computer chips and living brains – means that scientists can not only replace body parts but may even be able to improve on human abilities…..

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