School of the Ages: The Ghost in the Crystal by Matt Posner

The School of the Ages series, set to be five books in length, tells the tale of the young magician Leicester Moore, who calls himself Simon Magus, as he develops his magical power at America’s Greatest Magic School — School of the Ages. Simon is accompanied in his painful growth by an exciting cast of allies and enemies, including his best friend, Goldberry, a tart-tongued and beautiful English girl; Robbie Ravitz, his roommate who likes to summon elementals; Yakov Mermelstein, a big and volatile Chasidic cabalist; his stern teacher Dr. Solomon Archer; and many many more. It’s NOT Harry Potter — it’s real magic in the world we know — it’s School of the Ages. Volume One is The Ghost in the Crystal; Volume Two is Level Three’s Dream. Coming in 2012:  Volume Three, The War Against Love.  Tales of Christmas Magic is my first short story anthology focused on School of the Ages characters. Don’t miss “Goldberry vs. Santa Claus,” a new American classic.



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