Richard III DNA results to be released

The results of DNA tests on bones found by a team searching for the lost grave of Richard III are due to be released. Last year the University of Leicester dug on the site of a city church where it was thought the king was buried. They found a skeleton with a badly curved spine and head injuries consistent with recorded details of Richard’s death in 1485.

Sources said the tests, the results of which are to be released at 10:00 GMT on Monday, had “gone down to the wire”. Richard’s two-year reign signalled the end of the dynastic struggle known as the Wars of the Roses and is seen by some historians as the last act of the medieval era.

His death at Bosworth – the last English king to be killed in battle – ushered in the Tudor dynasty beginning with Henry VII. Shakespeare then helped to make Richard notorious as one of the English language’s most memorable villains….

UPDATE: DNA confirms bones are those of RichardIII

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