Questionable claims of monster remains in Lake Labynkyr

Do not believe a word of this Russian “monster” story. Read on…

Divers find mystery ‘jaws and skeleton’ in Siberia’s ‘Loch Ness’.

A dozen divers braved legends of monsters and the coldest winter temperatures in a venture that is likely to go into the Guinness World Book of Records.

Using an underwater scanner they discovered a jaw and skeletal remains that might be the notorious ‘Devil’ that was first reported by locals in the 19th century, it was claimed on 1 February.

Earlier reports said that top Russian diver Dmitry Shiller,  leader of the Russian Georgraphical Society Underwater Research Team, and his colleagues had reached the bottom and returned without any sign of the legendary monster.

‘Dmitry Shiller did not meet the monster – but managed to film the bottom of the lake and took samples of the lake’s flora,’ said a spokesman.

But later it was claimed the team had found evidence of jaws and a skeleton using an underwater scanner, thought [sic] there was initially scant detail.

We covered the tale of the Labynkyr devil back in September when The Siberian Times reported that  ‘several seriously big underwater objects’ were recorded with sonar readings. If you recall, and I’ll link to a picture again, they DREW the creature they interpreted on the sonar reading. Nevermind that it could be a log or school of fish or a myriad of other things, THEY only interpreted it as a mystery monster creature….

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