“Psychic” to help find missing plane

The mystery surrounding the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has captured the attention of a well-known “bomoh”, Ibrahim Mat Zin. Ibrahim, who is known as Raja Bomoh Sedunia Nujum VIP, arrived at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) today, claiming to be invited by one of the country’s top leaders, to help locate the missing plane using a spiritual method and prayer. “We use fish trap hook and a bamboo binoculars to look and ask for the victims to be found as soon as possible,” he said…..

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  1. Ed Baxter says:

    I have been following the story regarding the missing 777. Once or twice a year I have a dream which is unlike normal dreams where I see events take place before they are announced in the press a few days later.

    I have had dreams of train and plane crashes, floods, earthquakes, conflicts and building collapses which then happened a week or so later somewhere in the world.

    A recognize these types of dreams because they are different. Two and a half weeks ago I saw in one such dream a white large airliner plunge into the ground and erupt in a ball of flames.

    I told my wife there would be a plane crash and begun scanning the news. I was quite concerned about this as my wife was packing bags for a flight from the UK to the US a couple of weeks later.

    The following day it was reported that a Libyan plane had crashed, but I was sure that this was not the plane I saw in my dream. The plane which I saw was much larger, an airliner, and the top of the plane was painted white.

    Whilst the Malaysia Airlines plane was not found to have crashed, yet, there is a key part of the vision or dream or whatever it can be called, and this may be a key to finding the plane or crash site. In this dream, while I was running away from the scene of the crash, all the streets I was running along were wet with aircraft fuel. I was really worried that this fuel could burst into flames at any moment. The fuel was everywhere, every street was drenched in it, even the pavements were covered in fuel.

    Perhaps this fuel which I noticed on all the roads could be key in explaining the plane’s whereabout. I’m posting this for whatever it is worth. Some readers will think I’m just a crackpot, but I just want to help, as this is submitted from an area dealing with ‘phsychic’ on your site. And I’m also a pilot. Thank you.

  2. Ed Baxter says:

    I just had another thought on this which I wish to add. Perhaps the ‘fuel’ which I noticed everywhere could suggest that the 777 came down in a country which has large oil deposits under ground, such as Oman or Yemen or even Somalia. These countries are not expecting an attack and may not be monitoring for unknown primary radar targets if their radar was working or monitored.

    Depending on fuel reserves carried on the aircraft, there is a chance that the plane could just have been able to reach this far.

  3. shiva prasad mohapatra says:

    Who ever reading this is true,That the flight is under the influence of some highest super natural power.which letting the flight to be unseen by the out world.The flight is under see level,below ground & passengers are in a state of coma (they are not dead ,just unconscious)..As the flight bears the number 777 which means it was an attraction to a challenging huge power.It was kind of magentic force which pulled the plane from exact point of missing radar & all sorts of connection..& the technical malfunction occured at that very moment surprised pilots very much.The huge area under deep water is supernaturally challenged..It requires numbers of true spiritual leaders to have some sort of fight/conflicts with that power n release the plane..

  4. Ed Baxter says:

    Hi all,

    Really sorry, but I had another dream a while ago. In this dream I saw that a small amount of folks crashed in a plane into a dessert location, they were all wearing yellow life vests and were alive. There were about 8 of them. I feel that the pilot was okay too. I felt that the ocean was not far away.

    There were bushes or little trees in the landing/crashing field. There was a mountain range behind. The plane was badly broken and did not look like it could ever fly again.

    The number 62 (Maybe lat or long) was shown to me on a measuring device by some folks who did not wear shirts or normal trowsers, and they were brown skinned. I met them on the way up to the mountain.

    Maybe I should have posted this sooner because this dream came to me more than a couple of weeks ago. But I thought that they might have found the plane in the Indian Ocean. That is why I did not post this.

    Really sorry about this.

    Ed Baxter. (If you email me I can talk more)

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