Psychic kills depressed models to improve their karma

The Moscow police have arrested a serial killer, who killed several young women who worked in the modeling industry. The victims invited the man to their homes themselves. The man is known as an extrasensorial individual, while the women were depressed about their employment in escort services and high-end prostitution.

A 42-year-old hereditary magician and healer, a native of Tbilisi (Georgia) Georgy Martirosyan, is suspected of killing three models.

According to investigators, the victims turned to the man’s services themselves: they wanted to “cleanse their souls” with his help. Modeling business was not bringing large income to the women, and they worked part time in the field of escort services. Because of their employment, the women thought that their way of life was spoiling their karma.

To cleanse the aura, the women came to Martirosyan, who was living in the town of Korolev, the Moscow region. They also invited the man to their homes, writes Life News. The naïve models even brought their savings to the sorcerer, asking him to conduct a ritual “to improve the financial situation” for them.

Martirosyan offered the women to charge their money with “positive energy.” After killing his victims, the magician would rob them. “In all cases, he would steal from 1.5 to 3 million rubles ($100,000) from them,” officials said.

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