Our Lady Beyonce of Pop Garbage

Photo: Beyonce Knowles, Pop Culture icon of Human existence within the early 21st Century.

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So, Beyonce has come clean in admitting that she did attempt to pull a clever trick on her fellow Americans & the rest of the world in acting as if she had performed the American National Anthem at the inauguration of President Obama last month (January 2013).

The below 25 seconds proves the manipulation that those with Celebrity currently have…

Beyonce walks out in a very short skirt = ¼
The has THOSE legs oiled up looking shiny especially good if watching in HD = ¼
Dress is back-less therefore no Bra = ¼
These three then lead to her commanding a room full of journalists to stand as if she’s a goddess = ¼
Simple Maths… ¼ x 4 = 1 Complete Whole.

So in UNDER 30 seconds a person what we would consider just a Pop Icon (whatever that means) has used manipulation that’s both simple in it’s delivery YET highly effective those in Politics would be jealous but also admiration for the boldness of such an approach.

I have an keen interest as the Anglo-American Mindset is all about current trends including personalities, it’s a method that means both populations don’t really learn from History therefore being suckers to the same old tricks being dished out every 30yrs by those in control.

An example of this is the obsession in the UK THAT people that are Unemployed are directly to blame for that nations current Economic plight WHEN it’s those people employed in The City of London that got greedy & made this mess. Yet, the best deceptions are always the easiest to understand hence what Margaret Thatcher did in the early 1980’s her future counterpart David Cameron is currently saying to the population in 2013.

In the Anglo-American belief system, it’s ALL about living in THAT Moment ™ & not considering what happened in the past or impacts on the future. Could this be the reason why both Britain & America have the highest rates of relationship break-up including divorce as people either don’t learn from their OWN mistakes &/or simply erase what’s happened with a simple explanation instead of the more uncomfortable admission of guilt.
If these are the people we are made to admire then I’d rather NOT.

It’s possible the reason these people are in that high-profile position are to be both a distraction but also promoters of products & agendas.
Don’t believe their hype instead have a read of this: ‘Darren on Beyonce: It’s ALL a Blag’ – GeneralJimmy.com [Friday 1st February]

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