Navajo County Courthouse Ghosts


Holbrook, Arizona is located east of Flagstaff and was founded in 1881. It is the county seat for Navajo County which was known for its railroad, lumber, farm and ranch businesses as well as trade with the Indians. In 1898 a new courthouse was built and was used until 1976. Today a lot of people will tell you stories about Holbrook’s wild past as well as about the Navajo County Courthouse ghosts.

Holbrook was what you would typically consider a Wild West town. The town had an interesting mix of people including cowboys, Indians, miners, those seeking adventures and their fortune’s in the west and of course those of the criminal variety. It also came with the typical brothels, saloons, and gambling houses.

When the Navajo County Courthouse was built in 1898 the basement housed the Sheriff’s office and jail cells. The cells were built in St. Louis and shipped by rail to Holbrook. So well built, they were used continuously until the jail closed 78 years later…..


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