Military link to Disney’s secret science-fiction movie ‘Tomorrowland’?

By Robbie Graham

Last month, Silver Screen Saucers took a peek inside Disney’s oh-so-mysterious ‘1952’ box, which supposedly holds clues to what we might expect from Brad Bird’s upcoming, oh-so-mysterious sci-fi project Tomorrowland (working title: 1952). We pointed out that a magazine buried inside the box is an August 1928 issue of Amazing Stories, the cover story for which – The Skylark of Space – deals with the discovery and implications of free energy; interstellar travel; and – contrary to denials by the film’s screenwriter Damon Lindelof – aliens.  Well, now we have a smidgen more info thanks to D23: the Official Disney Fan Club, which recently asked the Walt Disney Archives Director Becky Cline to help solve the other mysteries presented in Brad Bird’s photograph. Cline has numbered the items in the ‘1952’ photograph (above) and shared the following with D23 (note, in particular, the description of photo #4, which suggests a possible military link to this Disney project)…..

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