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Jerry Lane is a retired carpenter and construction foreman from Marin County, CA, with a Masters Degree in creative writing. He has been a student of the Urantia Book for over 35 years. For the last eight years he has transmitted messages, based on the Urantia philosophy, from Mother Spirit and Christ Michael. He joins us to explain the origins, history, and unfolding revelations that emanate from this cryptic,The Urantia Book sweeping volume. The Urantia Book, itself, is a transmitted document that has circulated in hard copy since its initial publication in 1955 by the Urantia Foundation. During this time, many deriviative works have also been published, many resulting in copyright battles. Today, The URantia Book is widely available in hard copy editions as well as electronic versions; many at no cost….

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  1. Lee says:

    Hi Jerry,
    This is Lee from the Lighline from this Thurs. evening when Mother was speaking.
    I am not new to the Urantia Book as I began reading it in the “80’s and never stopped. I haven’t been privy to the TEaching Mission and those are the articles I’ve been reading.
    So, I wondered why Mother thought I was new! Michael addressed me and Jack knew me through and through. Can you please explain?
    PS: I’ll try to find the article and send it on to you regarding the area of the genome Lucifer messed with and the Celetials working on Urantia will be “switching off” or “removing” from our human makeup. Also, I believe the same article talked about within the next hundred years, there won’t be any more of our humans as we know us as being now.

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