How to Develop Your Second Sight: FAQ


What is second sight?

Some people are considered gifted with a talent for the mystical ability called second sight. These individuals are said able to see that which is invisible to our naked eyes, things existing in the spirit world operating alongside of us out of sight. They may see ghosts, entities or visions. This is said to be the gift of mystics, prophets, saints, psychics and crazy people.

Is second sight real?

If second sight is the ability to see images without our physical eyes then it is very real. Normal sight is the result of light on the optic nerves in our eyes. Second sight consists of seeing things in our mind without the aid of our eyes. We do this every time we dream. We clearly see imagery in our dreams, often quite vividly of things we have never seen before. Essentially it is the use of spontaneous visualization. It is very real, but a better question would be if second sight were supernatural or only our imagination at work…


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