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In the latter half of the show, paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren shared updates. He reported on his research into the rare phenomenon of “naked ghosts.” In one case in 1940, a man on his honeymoon in Mexico City, saw a nude woman at the foot of his bed, crying. At first he assumed it was his wife, and then realized it wasn’t her, before the ghost vanished. When he checked at the front desk, he was informed that many guests had seen this woman at around the same time, 2AM. This suggests to Warren that the person is “not seeing a naked ghost, but seeing something that happened in the past that is repeating itself almost like an imprint.” It’s almost a form of mental time travel, he continued, adding that maybe the entire world around us is encoded with information that certain people can pick up on when they’re able to broadcast their consciousness or intent. [More]

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