Ghost Investigations – Episode 1

The Paranormal Research Institute (PRI) conducts scientific investigations of Paranormal Phenomenon across the globe. On Disc 1, we hunt ghosts and paranormal entities in York, England. York is undisputedly the most actively haunted area in the UK. The team members encounter the legendary “Ghost of the Brotherhood,” an entity that has terrified locals for hundreds of years. The investigation climaxes into a bloodcurdling confrontation with the afterlife. The Blair Witch was fiction, these events are REAL. On Disc 2, Paul Wookey journeys to investigate the universal ghost and spirit experience joined by psychic medium Diane Howe. We travel to Pendle, known for its deep history of witchcraft which many researchers feel is responsible for the abundance of paranormal activity in the area. We also visit the Anchor Pub based in the beautiful Dales of England, revealing amazing insights and testimonies about paranormal activity in the UK. On Disc 3, we visit Scotland’s most haunted and secret bunker from the second world war. During WWII, numerous bunkers were created for the protection of therich and powerful elite. Many have remained unknown and untouched ever since… until now. The PRI has been allowed full access, going deepn into the heart of the shelter, revealing horrifying and disturbing accounts of ghost and spirit encounters. With unprecedented footage andinterviews with best selling author and expert, Brian Allan, our team reveals the paranormal presence in this foreboding and terrifying location….

Video credit: RealityEntertainment

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