Exorcism at the ghost fair

A devotee who is believed to be possessed by evil spirits cries in a state of trance as she walks around the courtyard of Guru Deoji Maharaj temple during a ghost fair at Malajpur village of Betul district in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh

By Danish Siddiqui

Malajpur is a small but not ordinary village in central India. In fact it is probably the only village in India which has been hosting a ghost fair for the past several years. People from across the country come to this fair to get rid of ‘evil spirits’ that they claim to be possessed by. As night falls on Paush Purnima (full moon night) the ‘possessed’ are taken to the local shrine to be exorcised. People who bring their relatives here feel the latter’s bodies have been ‘taken over by ghosts of the dead’ and that exorcism is the only release for them. Interestingly, most of those who come here to be exorcised are women. When I asked the priest the reason he said, “They are emotionally weak and hence easy target for spirits.”…

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