Encounter – I believe this was my Abduction


Submitted by Spiritwalker

The years was 1957, I was ten years old. I was staying with friends in a farm town in Massachesetts. It was early fall, and just after dark, but the moon lit up the country side. My friend had gone to a neighboring farm, and I was crossing a field to get there. It was a hay field that had recently been cut. I could see the farm I was going to in the distance about 200 yards from my friends house that I was coming from. It was a beautiful night, clear, and the light wind was blowing against my face, which felt very good. I was about half way through the field when I saw what is even hard for me to explain even now, but I’ll give you the best discription that I can here.

What it looked like was a white woman in a flowing robe, as ghostly as most people describe as ghosts to be. She was transparent, as I could see through to the farm I was going to. My whole being filled with fear, and I turned to run, and run I did, but for some reason I started to count my steps. I said in my mind ” One “, then ” Two ” , and at that point I was back at my friends house.

I looked back to where I was, and I had crossed a 200 yards, or more in two steps. The fear was gone and I think I even smiled. I knew I could not have crossed all the land in two steps, my legs were just to short, and as far as I know I don’t have super powers to accomplish such a feat. I do know I was at peace with the event, but today I still wonder, what really happened to me. Was it a ghost or was I abducted. Perhaps I’ll never know, but someday I think I will know, just a feeling I have.

I have no memory of the missinf time, but would like to hear what people think of this experence…

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