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The Rendlesham forest incident is considered one of the best multiple witness UFO sightings in history, and if you purchase a new audio version of one of the first and most popular books on the event, you will be helping to fund a new UFO movie.

The Rendlesham forest incident took place in the UK in late December of 1980 in a forest area between the Royal Air Force Base’s of Woodbridge and Bentwater. At the time both were being leased by the US Air Force. Dozens of witnesses reported UFO sightings, including the deputy base commander. One of the more controversial versions of the event comes from Larry Warren, an airman stationed at Woodbridge at the time. His account includes an actual meeting between extraterrestrials and US military personnel.

Warren’s account was documented in a book co-written by UFO researcher Peter Robbins. Robbins had been researching the abduction phenomenon for many years, and was the executive assistant to Budd Hopkins’ Intruder Foundation. Hopkins was a pioneer in the field of abduction……

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