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Disturbing legacy of US aircraft lost to UFO mystery

In his book, “Aliens in Space” Major Donald Keyhoe, retired, pointed out that an alarming number of US military and civilian aircraft were reported missing, crashed, or lost while in pursuit of UFO’s. Keyhoe, whose articles pioneered coverage on flying saucers from 1950 on, also began to detect the growing government cover-up that quickly resulted on the issue once it was clear that the phenomenon could not be contained by the US military.

Although many UFO sightings had taken place from 1947 on as corroborated by recent FBI file releases, the problem of incursions into US air space increased to critical levels by 1949 and climaxed in 1952. When UFO’s were chased by US F-94C fighter jets over White House air space over several weeks, it was clear that something was wrong and our air defenses were not up to the task of defending our skies. Why? The Russians clearly lacked the capability, and they were our most prominent competitors as global super power, but were simply incapable of posing any threat of penetrating US air space. There was only one conclusion to draw.

Keyhoe pointed to the incredible volume of UFO’s witnessed , attempted intercepts, radar visual reports, and the inescapable conclusion of related aircraft losses. An unusually high incidence of losses occurred with veteran aviators who had logged hundreds or thousands of hours of combat experience. This made the likelihood of such losses that more uncanny. The disproportionate number of new state of the art jet aircraft lost or crashed indicated a very ominous conclusion that Donald Keyhoe openly voiced even though the Pentagon had been understandably guarded about publicly making any correlations over incidents.

Beginning with anti aircraft batteries trying to bring down a UFO over Los Angeles in 1942, the aerial harassment of a P-51 fighter over San Antonio airfield in 1949, and the attempted shoot down of a UFO reported by an F-86 pilot of a disk shaped craft by Captain Edward Ruppelt, Director of Project Blue Book that occurred in 1950, something clearly was afoot. The growing potential for aerial confrontations was becoming more and more contentious between human pilots and their extraterrestrial counterparts.

Motives for air to air engagements between UFO’s and aircraft of the US armed services were not just over issues of identification or air defense, but the race for superior armament between the Soviet Union and America. Each of the super powers were jockeying for position over nuclear arms, rocketry, and other highly classified projects. According to Keyhoe, in his interview with Navy fighter pilots, the aviators admitted that their superiors had urged them to ram UFO’s if they could safely eject. Why? Under pressure to attain advanced technical superiority before the Russians could recover it, US military leaders were getting desperate…..

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