Did Psychic Powers Save Child From Shooting?


A mother at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Conn. is claiming that her son's psychic powers saved him because he had panic attacks that took him out of school before the Dec. 14 shooting occurred.

According to reporter Sandra Clark, “Karen Dryer’s worst nightmare started to unravel when her young son Logan Dryer, 5, became so anxiety ridden when he went to kindergarten at Sandy Hook Elementary School that she decided to pull him out of school just two weeks before the deadly massacre.

“Logan started kindergarten in September 2012. He was perfectly fine in September and October, and then in November he started acting strange. I got an email from his teacher saying he was a little weepy and then I started getting phone calls that Logan was crying and wanted to go home. Eventually it got so bad that I took him to the doctor who ran tests, saying that Logan was perfectly healthy.”…

Stories like this make me weep, we're all born with some kind of “sixth sense” but whether this event can be classed as a psychic premonition is questionable imo. It's almost as if the mother was looking for a reason as to why her son was spared. This child was just lucky not to have been at school that day.

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