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Chris Holly is one of the few true journalists working in the field of paranormal reporting. Writing from her blogs, and also as a regular contributor to UFO Digest; and as the author of three books, she reports on the state of the paranormal: UFOs, abductions, ghosts, and spectral entities, real life/real time events that impact real people. Her insights and perceptions are borne out of her own personal experiences from an early age.

She joins us to present some of the most important stories of 2012, and where we are headed in 2013. Beginning wit the monstrous storm called “Sandy”, which hit Chris’ home on Long Island, NY, we go through a wide range of topics…..

Editor’s note: Chris Holly has been a regular contributor to SupernaturalUFO for several years now, many of her articles can be found  HERE



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  1. Patricia Tyson says:

    I have information about an article you wrote, re: Bayport, Long Island. Jack Stampfel sighting. I am the “Pat” referred to in his article. I just wrote a long e-mail with my story to but it was bounced back to me, saying the account is closed. Would love to tell you my story. By the way, the date of the Stampfel sighting was Thursday, August 25, 1966…the same night my family saw the UFO as well. We lived in Bayport, Long Island at the time too. Where can I contact you? Thank you & happy Thanksving, Patricia (Pat Tyson

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