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Bob Dylan And A Possible UFO Connection

By Sean Casteel

There have been innumerable attempts to see past the artistic guise of Bob Dylan’s lyrics and poetry to what underlies his genius-what the actual creative process is that results in Dylan’s lyrical outpouring and what the bedrock of inspiration is that he seems to have drawn on so effortlessly for more than 30 years.

I am here to suggest an explanation that has, to my knowledge, never been previously offered-UFO contact. I base this on a fairly rigorous study of UFO interaction with humans and a listener’s fascination with Bob Dylan that I began as a 12-year-old in 1970.

Let me first give some background on what typically happens when a person experiences contact with the alien occupants of a UFO. A person will often be asleep in their bed and then suddenly awake feeling paralyzed and with difficulty breathing. Then a blue beam of light will appear to shine down into their room from nowhere. The blue beam of light then floats the person off their bed, through their unopened window, and into a waiting craft outside.

The most consistently reported description of what these aliens look like is as follows: gray-skinned creatures who are from two and a half to four feet tall with over-sized, embryo like heads and large, black, almond-shaped eyes. These humanoid creatures, called “grays” by most researchers in the field, then lay the subject on something like an operating table and began to perform various medical tests and procedures. The ultimate purpose of those medical examinations is still basically unknown but is often thought to be for the purpose of breeding experiments designed to create a hybrid race of half-human, half-alien creatures.

I know this may offend some of you, but the alien breeding experiments often call for the removal of ova from female subjects and sperm from male subjects, which are then blended accordingly with their alien counterparts. It has been stated more than once by these “grays” that their genetic material is compatible with that of human beings.

So, what about Dylan? Well, when I first head the song “10,000 Men” from the “Under A Red Sky” album, I was struck by the appropriateness of the line “10,000 women in my room, Spilling my buttermilk, Sweeping it up with a broom.” Using “buttermilk” as a euphemism, Dylan gives us a fairly straightforward account of a sperm sample being taken. Even the female nature of his alien attending physicians squares with many other UFO abduction accounts in which human subjects are matched with aliens of the opposite sex…. continues

Copyright©Sean Casteel

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Alien Bob says:

    10.000 women in his room and he has enough buttermilk to go around? Must have a big churn, that’s all I can say. I think you have a typo in this line ‘when I first head the song’. Missed out the ‘r’.

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