Biophysicist and crop circle researcher W.C. Levengood passes

William C. (“Lefty”) Levengood

March 13, 1925 – September 28, 2013

“Lefty” Levengood, a pioneering biophysicist and long-time resident of Grass Lake, Michigan (and the “L” in the original “BLT Research Team”), has died at the age of 88. Educated at the University of Toledo (B.S. in Physics and Mathematics, 1957), Ball State University (M.A. in Bioscience, 1961) and the University of Michigan (M.S. in Biophysics, 1970), Levengood worked as a research physicist at the now-defunct Institute of Science & Technology and the Dept. of Natural Resources at the University of Michigan from 1961 through 1970, after which he was employed as the Director of Biophysical Research and as a consulting scientist for various private-sector companies……

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