Belgian UFO wave 1989-1992 – Part 1

By  Eric Ouellet
Nearly 25 years ago, Belgium was under an unprecedented wave of UFO observations and, like in all cases of significant UFO wave, no truly satisfying explanation could be given. This series of posts will re-visit these events under the light of parasociology, in an attempt to provide a different perspective and a potential explanation.
This case is probably the best documented UFO cases out there, and it is infinitely better than the all the speculative books combined together on the Roswell incidents of 1947. Most of the material gathered on this case is based on the work of Belgian UFO research organization called SOBEPS (Société belge d’étude des phénomènes spatiaux), who enjoyed the substantive collaboration of the Belgian police, and especially, the Belgian military. The SOBEPS produced two volumes of about 500 pages each on what happened and provided various analyses on different aspects of the events. The empirical evidence used to write the two books was the sum of about 300 audio cassettes (60 and 90 min) of witness interviews, 650 investigation reports, and 700 questionnaires filled by the witnesses. (Bougard & Clerebaut, 1991: 51) ….. continues
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