Are UFO’s Really Fallen Angels?

By Jim McElwee

If your a long-time UFO enthusiast like myself, your probably open-minded enough to consider ALL possibilities. The truth is we been fooled by false claims, we are always sorting through bogus evidence, and most the times the predictions NEVER come true. We witnessed this First-Hand recently with so many “Alien Channelers” and “Crop Circles” telling us 12/21/2012 was going to be a consciousness shift- but nothing happened. Some of these false prophets even go around claiming the shift DID happen and we are now living in a new-world. Perhaps its time to look in a new direction for truth.

We know for certain that unidentified objects are indeed real and our Government studied enough of this phenomenon to convince even the most hardcore skeptics. But perhaps they don’t come from other planets at all. Lately we been hearing from many sources that “Aliens” are actually “Inter Dimensional Beings”. Can it be possible that UFO’s are the Fallen Angels spoken of in the bible?

NASA’s official claim is that they do not investigate UFOS. Maybe because they are actually serving these Fallen Angels in the End-Game plan. It makes a bit of sense seeing how most astronauts (especially UFO whistle blowers) are actually Free Masons.. Actually, a Free Mason flag was left on the moon which proudly displays the Triple Cross of the Baphomet. If anyone takes the time to look for “Baphomet Signs” and “Maltese Crosses” in Free Masonry, One can clearly see the Free Masons serve Lucifer.



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