Angels And Aliens: Is There A Heavenly Relationship?

Even if one chooses to  place the beginning of the modern UFO phenomenon at the point of pilot Kenneth Arnolds’s sighting in 1947 (which many researchers clearly prefer to do), there is nevertheless a direct relationship between UFOs, the aliens who pilot them, and stories of encounters with angels handed down through the scriptures of many religions. (This article will deal primarily with Biblical references, but similar descriptions of flying, fiery craft abound in nearly all religious cultures.)

One of the ongoing debates regarding the modern UFO phenomenon continues to be about whether we are seeing something brand new under the sun or simply seeing an ancient aspect of Creation through more technologically oriented 20th Century eyes. While we can offer no definitive answer here, we can at least attempt to summarize some of the arguments in favor of the angelic interpretation of ancient and modern UFO accounts.

What Is An Angel?

Perhaps we should begin with a history of the word “angel” and how our current understanding of the term originated. Keith Thompson, the author of “Angels and Aliens” (Addison Wesley, 1991) offers the following by way of definition.

“The term ‘angel,’” Thompson writes, “derives from a Greek translation of the original Hebrew ‘mal’akh,’ later malaika, which originally meant the ‘shadow side of God,’ but later came to mean messenger or herald. Both terms, interestingly enough, refer to a function or status rather than an essence. Yet questions of angelic substance have been debated for centuries.

“The ancient Greeks thought of angels as resembling humans,” he continues, “but also possessing the nature of a ‘geometric point-soul,’ or ‘pure thought.’ The Biblical view held that angels were ‘from above’ yet were essentially humanlike and not, as a rule, invisible. According to Saint Thomas Aquinas, angels were ‘pure soul,’ beings lacking the bodies of humans. Lacantius, a Christian apologist writing in the third and fourth centuries A.D., argued for a principle of relativity: compared to humans, angels are immaterial, but in relation to God, angels appeared embodied. Thus they might be said to possess ‘subtle bodies.’”

Are those “subtle bodies” being witnessed by abductees who frequently describe the abducting aliens as “ephemeral” creatures whose physical shape is often transient and shifts easily from material to immaterial? Is that how they walk through walls and float through windows, as reported in many abduction accounts? If so, then we have one easily observable correlation. But many others will come later….. continues

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  1. tina sena says:

    I firmly believe the two are one and that same. Been saying it for years.

  2. gishzida says:

    What the ancient Greeks thought about “Angels” is irrelevant they did not have angels! The Greeks did not “create” nor were they first to write about the angels [They only had one messenger who was one of their gods].

    So how is what these unspecified “greeks” said relevant especially when the concept of “heavenly Messengers” were from the Jewish Bible which took its inspirations from stories of Babylonian and Sumerian origin?

    What do demons have to do with Angels? The evil “demons” were a Christian creation [along with the head demon Satan]. Satan in Hebrew means “Accuser” not King of Hell or Evil. The daemons of the Greeks and the spirits of the fertile crescent were either good or evil to Humans depending upon their role in the human world…

    The Angelology Casteel cites with an uncritical eye is Christian in origin. It is unfortunate Casteel did not make a wider search and appears to have chosen to use a definition for “angel” that suits a particular world view on the concept of “a Messenger”. A quick scan of Wikipedia – might widen a readers horizons and inspire one to look a little further than assuming that Angels are “Christian” with Greek origins. Clearly they are not. One might as well ask “Was Jesus a Space Alien?” Personally, I don’t think he was.

    Angels appeared in the Jewish Bible and in the myths of the Babylonians and Sumerians as various air spirits or beast spirits long before the Greek Christians espoused their opinions.

    A Malak [Malakim, plural] is a messenger. The Malakim appeared in Jewish sources, in Hebrew, before the later Christian dualist re-interpretation [Re-writing?] of Jewish religious texts. That “re-write” extrapolated and expanded the angels and their hierarchy until their names and purpose were meaningless. [For example: It was Christianity that turned the warrior class of the Cherubim, who protected the Ark and the Gate to Eden, into harmless “fat babies”.]

    Jewish tradition has it that Malakim will never appear in any form in this world other than in human form. “The Man” who in Genesis tells Joseph where his brothers are is thought to have been and Angel. In Jewish tradition it is only when a human travels to “higher spiritual realms” do the Malakim appear in other forms.

    One might also mention Jacques Vallee’s “Messengers of Deception” which seems to point out something that Casteel does not… If the Angels [regardless of their source} are real, they are of an unhuman source and origin. They have unknown {and possibly] unknowable motivations and goals. We cannot assume they are from Space nor can we assume they are “real” [is a computer mouse cursor real? Is ‘reality’ real?].

    I am aware of an eyewitness story of ‘visitors’ that look nothing like any I’ve ever heard described.

    So are the “Aliens” really the Angels? Clarke’s Third Law states “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” To do the things that ‘the aliens’ have done and those things have been reported by reliable witnesses, would it make a difference if they were Angels? Theologically you step onto very dangerous ground if you assume they were and/or you undermine Christianity [and a later religion which built upon Christianity’s Angelology and added the Djinn]are false religions propagated by an Alien civilization.

    I think I’d rather take Vallee’s idea that the aliens are Messengers of Deception…

    • Dennis says:

      Judaism and christianity are two totally different religions.Judaism is the talmud which is full of occult teachings.Your are mixing and matching religions that do not mix and are not the same.Satan means advesary and is indeed the advesary of GOD and mankind.Demons derive from the fallen angels and their offspring and i assure you are real as they messengers(Angels) of GOD are as well

  3. Brian says:

    Many years ago now I read an article that stated “The Aliens of today are the Little People of 200 Years ago who are the Angels of 2000 years ago and who are the Gods of ancient times.” This is a paraphrasing of what the article said rather than a quote. I cannot remember the title of the book I read it in but I have never doubted this statement may be true.

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