Alien Paranormal: Bigfoot, UFOs and the Men In Black

Bigfoot creatures traveling to earth in UFO’s, covered-up by mysterious men in black? UFO investigator Stan Gordon lays out the research and and evidence in this mind blowing journey into a very strange territory. Its seems there is a link between UFO sightings and Sasquatch encounters, as very credible eyes witnesses recall their experiences. Very real and terrifying events documented by top authorities: Aliens attacking a family farmhouse, Alien Abductions with the intent to create a hybrid race leaving scars and unceasing nightmares, vortexes with robed figures appearing and disappearing in front of eyewitnesses, while UFOs hover and fade into the thin air. A journey into the Paranormal and Supernatural, be prepared to re-think your beliefs….

Video credit: RealityEntertainment

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