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Sometimes its hard to say with certainty if a story that sounds outlandish and mysterious is really a hoax, or the truth. Famous examples of this are the alien autopsy video, and the images of the moon landing which for many leave questions to be answered.

A persistent story that keeps doing the rounds on the internet but also on various TV channels is that of the alien mummy purportedly found in Egypt.

How this story started is hard to say, but the first mainstream mention it gets is on the second installment of a series presented by Roger Moore called The Secret KGB UFO Files. Produced in 1999, and shown on the TNT network, this series of apparent documentaries claim to show authentic footage from “maximum security archives of the KGB.” This footage supposedly became available on the black market after the fall of Communism.

While the first part of the series shows UFO footage shot by Migs, a secret site of a crashed UFO with military personnel and an alien autopsy, the second part goes a lot further.

Here we are told about Project Isis, a secret KGB project started in the sixties in Egypt. The stated goal of this project was to recover alien technology from the ancient tombs of Egypt. In the sixties and seventies, Egypt was under the rule of Nasser, a socialist who maintained close ties with Russia, so it is entirely possible that the Russian archeologists did excavations there.

In the recovered footage that we are shown, the images show the inside of a tomb –the “Tomb of the Visitor”- where Russian soldiers dressed in full uniforms remove the lid from a coffin. This results in the coffin spilling out a lot of smoke (“toxic fumes” according to the commentator) before a wrapped mummy appears. We are informed that carbon dating analysis dated the mummy beyond 10.000 BC. Then we are shown a scan of the mummy’s skull and a facial reconstruction which shows it’s undeniably the skull of a grey alien.

In the meantime a mixture of real and fake experts are paraded in front of the camera to add in additional details. The toxic fumes coming from the mummy’s coffin intoxicated some of the soldiers directly after opening it., causing them to come down with an unknown disease. Paranormal experts are brought in who register a high level of electromagnetic activity, resulting in “levitation” in the tomb.

But it gets even wilder. After the mummy of the alien and other artifacts has been brought to Russia, some of the scientists and KGB officers involved in Project Isis get together and start a secret religious cult: “the Followers.” They believe the tomb was of a being once worshipped in Egypt as the God Orisis (sic). Their goal becomes to meet the civilization of which this alien god-like being was a representative. We are then shown how the production team meets with a former Russian KGB officer who sells them a videotape. On this videotape they find footage of a group of Russian tourists in Egypt, who gather at a particular site at a particular time – where they are abducted by a very bright light. At the ending of the tape, the camera dramatically falls to the ground.

The Secret KGB UFO Files series has –unfortunately- been authoritatively debunked by real experts and Russian researchers, who analyzed the military uniforms in the footage (not authentic), checked the identities of the fake researchers and other details that do not add up.

There is another story likes this. This is the case of the mummy of Dr. Lubek. The photos of this extraterrestrial mummy, whose discovery has been attributed to a Czech researcher named Viktor Lubek have appeared on Facebook since 2006. Other websites already had recorded the fact in 1997, as a Google search reveals. This story has returned to Youtube and the headlines of conspiracy websites recently. This mummy was supposedly found in the very tip of a pyramid of “one of the queens of Pharaoh Sesostris.” It is the mummy of a creature, measuring about 40 centimeters, frail-looking, and entombed with a set of strange objects, “similar to machines” – made of resistant material, apparently synthetic and absent in other Egyptian tombs.


It does not seem to be based on facts however. No records exist for a Viktor Lubek with affiliation to the University of Pennsylvania, past or present. Different sets of pictures have been used alongside this story, one showing a baby-like dark skeleton with a skull with large eye-sockets, others showing an even weirder looking white skeleton with the skin still covering it.

The question remains however, is there any base in reality for stories such as these?

There might be, as it has been reported that there are ancient Egyptian murals that do seem to show what we would call aliens, with large black eyes. Fact is, that when the tomb of Tutankhamen was opened, more than one mummy was found. Two stillborn fetus mummies were found in separate mini-sarcophagi next to Tutankhamen. They are presently in the Cairo Museum. Some scientists have said they are most probably the stillborn twin children of Tutankhamen, but the DNA research seems to have been inconclusive. There are other possibilities. Fetuses were used in Egyptian black magic, so they could have had a function in helping Tut prosper in the afterlife.

One mummy is definitely of a human fetus, the other looks exactly like an Alien Grey (pictures of this last mummy were used for the Dr Viktor Lubek story). In a Discovery Channel documentary, “Secrets of the Pharoahs: Search for Ancient DNA”, the two mummies were shown and it was explained that the oversized head and large eye-sockets of the alien mummy were due to its being a premature-born fetus of about 20 weeks.

This might be true, were it not for the size of the fetus, which is 38.5 centimetres (15.16 inches). According to Wikipedia, a fetus of 20 weeks would be about 8.5 inches in length.

Also, the documentary by showing the two fetuses next to each other, tries to show that the premature/alien fetus is smaller. But if you watch the rulers next to the mummies, you can clearly see the so-called “premature fetus” is actually 4 inches longer than the full-grown fetus!

Does this confirm the alien roots of Egyptian civilization? Maybe. However, Tutankhamen ruled from ca. 1332 BC – 1323 BC during the later stages of Egyptian civilization, in a dynasty called the New Kingdom, not at the start. Therefore, the alien mummy might be proof for an ongoing and enduring contact between the Greys and the Egyptians.

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