Alien Abduction Horror

By Stan Hernandez

Let me paint the picture. I was in Las Vegas, Nevada, for two weeks for a UFO Truth convention and was spending some time with probably the most well known UFO expert in the world, Russell Tetrault, when I saw a man across the room, just staring over. He seemed to be mustering the courage to approach and he finally did.

With his head down, he stated that his wife had committed suicide and that it was in relation to an alien abduction. He began to weep and I requested a room to sit down and speak with him one on one. I didn’t know if he was telling the truth at this moment, but I knew he believed what he was saying and that he was a man with a great deal of sadness.

Scott Murray, 48, is a truck driver that goes “over the road,” and noted that he had been away from his family most of his life due to his profession. He walked me over to the window and I saw his big red semi tractor hitched to a trailer taking up a great deal of the parking lot. He took time away from his run to tell me this story…..


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