After Life: True Tales of the Wandering Dead by by J. Pednaud

Did you know that the author of Frankenstein kept the heart of her dead husband wrapped in silk and stored in her desk? Would you believe that isn’t the strangest part of the story?  From the author behind The Human Marvels website, J. Tithonus Pednaud, comes the new non-fiction book entitled After Life: True Tales of the Wandering Dead.
Learn the complete history of mummy commerce and how the powdered remains of pharaohs came to be found in masterpiece works of art. Unearth the very real role Body Snatchers and ‘Resurrectionists’ performed in the name of science. Read about the Portuguese concubine who was exhumed and made Queen and about the deceased Wild West outlaw who travelled America as a funhouse prop.

These are just a small sampling of the very true tales of the wandering dead that can be found in the pages of After Life.

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Book now published!
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    This book is now available in print and digital formats. Thanks for your support!

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